Date: 30th December 2010 at 8:49am
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It is a gloomy day for Liverpool supporters today. I thought loosing at home to Blackpool earlier in the season would be the lowest point but after last nights loss to Wolves, one can only start to wonder ‘where to now for Liverpool fans?’

The Kop was in full cry last night chanting the name of Kenny Dalglish and telling Hodgson that he should be manager of England rather than Liverpool. I am glad that the Kop did not start to chant Rafa’s name last night.

There have been some supporters who have called for Rafa to come back to Liverpool after he got sacked by Inter Milan. Right now, I would take anyone over Roy Hodgson but I do not believe we should bring Rafa back. Rafa had his time at Liverpool and he bought us success and failure. He failed us last season and who is to say he could not fail us again if he were to come back? Granted that a lot of blame on last seasons failures lay in the hands of Hicks and Gillet and now that they are gone, maybe Rafa could work better with the new owners. But I still say no to Rafa, let us rather bring someone in who new fresh ideas to pull us out of this mess we are in!

Liverpool's Rafa Benitez Photo via Newscom


10 responses to “Bringing back Rafa Benitez is not the answer”

  1. Georgi says:

    Sorry, but this is revisionist nonsense. Rafa Benitez is a top class manager and we should be happy if we can attract someone of his stature as our next manager. Unfortunately, I don’t think that anyone of that quality would like to manage out team at the moment. Rafa Benitez included.

  2. Rick says:

    good point mate, totally agree.
    good article

  3. costasy says:

    Roy Hodgson is the worse manager in the history of Liverpool. He should have never been hired from the start but since a change in ownership has been taken place we still see the new owners watching pathetic the complete humiliation of LFC’s football heritage. Nor Roy Hodgson shows respect to the LFC’s football heritage as also and in its fans specifically. Why isn’t he stepping down? He doesn’t see that he is dwarf manager for this giant of football?

  4. varun says:

    Rafa has red blood running in his vein!! Y mention that he’ll be back one day after enduring such a torrid time on merseyside!!! Quote(from MR WOY): “If i were a supporter i would understood the feeling of the supporters!!!”.. Enuf is enuf!!! Roy was brought in to steady the club!!! Where is the steadying??!!!!! Any progress from last season!!! Benitez was never backed properly in the market during his last 2 seasons at the helm!! But at what he did when he did had money to spend!!! Liverpool FC were feared all around europe!!! I cant remember houiller leaving a squad like benitez left!!! Bt he still managed to win us the Champions League!!! Players stating that the team that won the competition was houillers’!! Then y houiller didnt win the CL??!!!!! It was his team after all!!! Benitez is class!!!! Give him another chance and money to spend as he was allowed to at the start of his tenure!! Liverpool will again become a side to reckon!!!

  5. danpool says:

    i agree raffa did have noney to spend not all his singings were good ones he was to defencive to win the prem every man and his dog knew we needed another striker(because the striker he brought in who scored 30 goals a season was made to play as a winger .plays his heart out but more times cannot even beat the first man and the move breaks down)because torres was not fit he chose to ignor this payibg 18 mill for a right back torres and gerrard get lengthy injuries . i estimate that to about 15 goals lost that would have won us the prem instead of second ending our heartache and after that raffa lost the plot . the team of internationals we have are capable of playing better than they are we pass for the sake of iy going nowhere no ideas strangley we seem to play more long balls now and the gall is in the air not on the grund good to see were back to the liverpool way thanks woy kennys the man ynwa

  6. Tom Wright says:

    Another day and another traitor pops up to try and wreck Rafas reputation. He fort tooth and nail for our club and as soon as the war is won you stabbed him in the back! When backed Rafa was flying But three season of no money took its toll!

    Stop posting on Liverpool you fool, I have had enough of you Johnny come latelys that know NOTHING about football let alone Liverpool. Go back to watching SKY! IDIOTS

  7. Simon from hampshire says:

    The problems were cast when pool let alonzo and sammi hyper go. The maturity of leva has been a benefit, however it’s currently very painful watching them. The passion, drive, and heartbeat so vital from the players is missing. On the night to remember avi Cohen, I remember a comment at a Dinner bob Paisley made about avi’s faith and ability to play on Saturday’s, The wise old bob replied to the question… Words to the effect of “I’ve 10 other players having the same issue!” maybe just maybe kenny could restore faith and passion between jan and may and then the board as a whole reviews at the end of the season. But please if the communications director of LFC is reading these comments, you must communicate to the board the current manager does not cut it, period.

  8. Chris says:

    Roy has to go, either Rafa or Kenny for me. I’d like to see Rafa back but I would be worried about the divide with fans as giving the manager a hard time won’t help anything. Things are not going to suddenly be rosy whoever we get, the team needs our support. Saying this Rafa will do a lot better than Roy, he will give us more confidence and be more Liverpool like both on and off the field. Give him a chance under new owners and I’d be confident the divide in fans will close. Imo we need someone who loves and knows our club; Rafa Benitez definatly ticks these boxes no one can argue about that.

  9. Redmez says:

    I wish facebook would give the offer of a thumbs down button! When you look down the shortlist of possible managers there aren’t many with any decent track record. Rafa has that, it’s still basically his team, the youth and reserves are set up his way and with the right backing he should be given another shout. He is a top manager and that is why ferguson etc were still talking about him even when he’d gone! The media and tv dimwit pundits talked him out of a job and the spiteful yanks obliged. Now I hope he comes and sticks it to them all. Jamie Redknapp especially.