Date:30th December 2010 at 8:49am
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It is a gloomy day for Liverpool supporters today. I thought loosing at home to Blackpool earlier in the season would be the lowest point but after last nights loss to Wolves, one can only start to wonder ‘where to now for Liverpool fans?’

The Kop was in full cry last night chanting the name of Kenny Dalglish and telling Hodgson that he should be manager of England rather than Liverpool. I am glad that the Kop did not start to chant Rafa’s name last night.

There have been some supporters who have called for Rafa to come back to Liverpool after he got sacked by Inter Milan. Right now, I would take anyone over Roy Hodgson but I do not believe we should bring Rafa back. Rafa had his time at Liverpool and he bought us success and failure. He failed us last season and who is to say he could not fail us again if he were to come back? Granted that a lot of blame on last seasons failures lay in the hands of Hicks and Gillet and now that they are gone, maybe Rafa could work better with the new owners. But I still say no to Rafa, let us rather bring someone in who new fresh ideas to pull us out of this mess we are in!

Liverpool's Rafa Benitez Photo via Newscom