Date: 13th December 2010 at 10:37am
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There are a lot of reasons right now as to why Liverpool is struggling in the league. Some people blame the players and some blame the coach. I tend to think that more blame is being put on the coach than the players right now and I tend to agree with that. Hodgson has not lived up to expectations at Liverpool and he looks out of his depth as the manager. But we have him in charge right now and we just have to stick by him. But one thing Hodgson has to change quickly and it is not difficult to do: it is his body language when he is on the touchline.

I have never seen such body language before and one wonders how do the players feel on the field when they are searching for inspiration from their manager and they see him slouched in the chair holding his head in his hands and stroking his chin!

Please Mr. Hodgson, change your body language for the sake of the team. It is not hard to do and it will not cost you anything at all.

Roy Hodgson Manager Liverpool 2010/11 Liverpool V Napoli 04/11/10 UEFA Europa League Photo: Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Anfield Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers (2-1) Premier League 24/10/2010 Roy Hodgson remains tense as Liverpool hold on to win Photo: Roger Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

City of Manchester Stadium Eastlands Manchester City v Liverpool Premier League 23/08/2010 Disappointing night for Liverpool Manager Roy Hodgson Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Roy Hodgson Manager Liverpool 2010/11 Birmingham City V Liverpool (0-0) 12/09/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Roy Hodgson Manager Liverpool 2010/11 Birmingham City V Liverpool 12/09/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom


11 responses to “One positive change Liverpool need to make that will not cost anything : Hodgson’s body language”

  1. Kava says:

    Its like he hasn’t got a clue!!!

    • m kop says:

      Maybe becouse he hasn’t got a clue.

      • Harry says:

        Maybe becouse he hasn’t got a clue.

        One word too many. Let me fix that for you:

        “Because he hasn’t got a clue.”

        There, fixed. If only Liverpool’s problems were so easy to fix.

  2. blindside says:

    I have supported ‘Pool since my Anfield Road school days back in 1952! I am sad to say I am on the verge of finding something else to do. My only advice to ANY LFC player is heas for the door if you can in January ‘cos Hodgson is about enough!! And they said G&H ruined the club?

  3. sam says:

    I have had enough for the away day fans who travel throughout the season and have had to put up with the hicks saga and now this!!!

    When is its going to change for Liverpool, have even all of us fans not had enough,,, its enough is enough now it really is, and i for one do not go to the home game snow untill.

    1, We have a board in place, running the club in the right direction, who see that when you run a football club you have to pay out for the better players and its that simple.

    2, The baord / club to go out and progressivly get a mananger who can operate with high profile players and bring in the better quality of playing staff that we clearly need!!!

    when are we going to get on with doing what needs doing!!! what are the new owners waiting for,,, get on with NESV/ FSG/ HENRY, the time for sitting their and listening and not doing naff all is over.


  4. matt says:

    He looks like he’s on the way out anyway. I kind of hope so.

  5. Martin says:

    A cut and paste of my comments yesterday!
    No need to change a thing in it, and it will remain valid ’till hes gone!
    I posted several times about Roys body language, it tells me all I need to understand the results.
    Anyone remember the cutting edge program with Graham Taylor? His mutterings of “Oh do I not like that” Roys chewing of his fingers and looking so nervous is an appalling sight for players and fans to see. Great confidence boost for the team as they catch a glimpse of the LEADER.
    The Liverpool way is to be decent and not be critical in public; however this is very difficult with a manager that should never have even been considered for the job!

    Consider this:
    If Man U, Chelsea or Arsenal needed a new manager at the start of the season “Roys” name would have come up? Of course not, EVERYONE knows that.
    He was chosen as the “cheap” option “yes” man by the skin flint yanks we had at the time.
    This is not hindsight; I always thought “he will be out of his depth”
    No other top club would have been mentioning his name, sadly his ego brought him.
    Were those Yanks ever likely to fund a world top five manager? Would any world top 5 manager ever considered coming with those two Yankee twerps in charge?
    SO WE GET ROY, we now have the new owners (please realize what you have bought) now please get an appropriate manager for such a team.
    If we DONT we are in grave danger of only talking about Liverpool’s “greatness” in the past tense for a heck of a lot longer yet!

  6. Gary Thomas says:

    IS NESV another version of Hicks & Gillette?

    They may talk about underpromising & overdelivering, but all I’m seeing so far is downgrading of Transfer targets & SETTLING for a mediocre Manager. Is it that they’re not going to spend for either top class Players or a top class Manager?

    There’s a solution to not spending for a current expensive Mgr – give Kenny the job at least for the season…for the doubters, I leave this with you…THE ONLY LIVING MANAGERS WITH BETTER RECORDS THAN HIM IN ENGLAND ARE FERGUSON & WENGER…and yet people have doubts??? This MAN WILL make this team better just by his presence!!! PLEASE DO YOUR JOB NESV!

    Messrs. Henry & Werner – This is’nt like Baseball, where if you miss the playoffs, every team starts equally the next season.

    If Livrpool misses ‘our version’ of the playoffs this year, i.e. the Top 4 (& a Champions Lge place), we’ll not attract the best players for a couple years, and the few World Class players we have will rightfully leave, as they deserve to be playing in the Champions Lge. This will put us further down the ladder.

    Get rid of Hodgson now, and get Kenny in asap, at least for the rest of the season. Don’t let anyone tell you that the current squad is’nt good enough to make top 4 with a better manager. So, John & Tom, from someone supporting LFC for over 30 years, show me your ambition!

  7. ScouseUK says:

    1st off how many people called for raffa to show some emotion on the side lines now we have a manager who shows a vast aray of emotions and he is being slated for it…..

    about the replys about nesv,what do you expect them to do, you live in cloud cookoo land or am i missing a open transfer window,there is just as much risk in sacking roy now as there is just as much a risk in keeping him till the end of the year,who do we replace him with now,what managers are available,rightguard,oniel all good managers but not good enough to come in and build a team,nesv are doing things right,they have started there search for a long term manager who fits there and our ethos,them type of manager already have jobs and the best time to get a really good manager is not in jan……

    people are seriously deluded if they think getting a another manager in will fix our problems,there are big problems on and off the field and is gonna take a huge effort and time to get it right….

    oh and before i get asked ive had a season ticket for over 15 years and have followed liverpool around europe and england…..

    raffa couldnt get this squad performing roy is struggling to get them to play the list of managers out there to get today none of them will get this team going…..

  8. Jack says:

    His funny body language kinda look like the former US President, George Bush 🙂

  9. sam says:

    Makes me die when i see mr so called English manager and the man that is so called a great manager in this over rated league in this over rated sky sports driven game of ours…

    The last straw for me was the press conference before the game tommorrow nite, he was a joke and is making our club look dreadful, things like star players, and blaming injuries and this and that was coming out of his big mouth.

    When he has doen 5 years like rafa did under very very poor club management and with the two cowboys we had then and with fergie and all the managers having a go at rafa day in day out, along with the english media and that fucking sly sporst wanting rafa ut, then and only then can roy sart to feel sorry for yourself.

    I am not watching another game while he remains at the helm get this fucking cunt out now