Date: 13th December 2010 at 9:31am
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When Carlos Tevez decided he wanted to leave Manchester United, I was one of the many fans who were calling for Liverpool to sign Tevez. I believed a combination of Tevez and Torres would have been what we need to kick on and win the Premier League. Coupled with the fact that Mascherano and Tevez are very good friends, it would have been easy for Tevez to settle in at Liverpool and Mascherano may not have decided to leave Liverpool if his buddy Tevez was there. When Tevez decided to join Manchester City, I was gutted, but now I am glad Tevez did not sign for Liverpool!

Tevez has now handed in a transfer request at Manchester City. Tevez says his relationship with “certain executives and individuals” at the club “has broken down beyond repair”. Tevez stressed he has “no personal issue” with manager Roberto Mancini and thanked owner Sheikh Mansour for his “understanding and support”.
I find it hard to believe that Tevez has no personal issue with Mancini especially after the way Tevez fumes when he is subbed off by the manager.

Carlos Tevez argues with Manager Roberto Mancini after Substitution Manchester City 2010/11 Manchester City V Bolton Wanderers (1-0) 04/12/10 Premier League Photo: Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

We do not need such players at Liverpool and what is to say that Tevez would not have done the exact same thing if he had joined Liverpool? What I find amazing is that Tevez is one of the highest paid players in the league, he pockets £200,000 a week and he still has this terrible attitude towards the team that pays his bills. Some people are saying Tevez has handed in a transfer request because he wants to get Manchester City to up his wages to £250,000 a week! But I believe that Tevez is seriously unhappy at City and no amount of money will keep him there.

Now if Manchester City accept his transfer request, would Tevez be a good signing for Liverpool this January or in the summer?

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2 responses to “I am glad Tevez did not join Liverpool”

  1. sam says:

    great post, its getting to the point where football is not that fun any more, KRAFT was the one who had the insight to give the game more credit again! the game is over as we know it as a great working class day to take the kids and enjoy football.

    It such a sick feeling when a player who has a life to cheerish,,,, he then wants to clear his head! when he has everything life can give and he then wants to move back home just because he is a bit home sick….

    what a joke… if i was city owner, i would just sdump him and get on with it, these players are so into their selves its disgusting……

    glad he didnt join that other cunt mascherano who also took us for a ride after we saved his career….. these argentines are a bit much much when it comes to money and the games they play… wouldnt touch tevez with any amount of time or respect,,,

    he doenst get respect from any one i know, hes a cunt of the higest order and i am not even a city fan….

  2. Maschelona says:

    Tevez is Mascherano copycat. He repeats every claim that JM sold to us and he wants to leave Englang for Spain and probably will do in the summer exactly as his friend.