Date:13th December 2010 at 8:05am
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There is no need to worry at Liverpool, that is according to Kenny Dalglish. Everyone seems to have a lot to say right now about Liverpool. But when Kenny Dalglish speaks we should listen and take heed of what he says although at times some fans may not agree with it.

One of the biggest fears amongst us fans right now is the futures of our star players such as Reina and Torres and whether they will be seeking to leave the club in the summer if Liverpool does not achieve success. Speaking to Sky Sports News, King Kenny has said. “I don’t think there’s anybody trying to get away. They’ve all committed themselves to the club for a long time, we were delighted when they did, and I can’t see any reason why they would change their minds.”

Reina signed a new six-year contract in April, Dirk Kuyt and Steven Gerrard both extended their deals in 2009, while Torres is tied in until 2013. But as we know in the football world today, contracts mean nothing as players can easily break them and move on. I am hoping that King Kenny knows something that we do not about our star players futures at the club. In my opinion, if we do not do well this season, I see our star players leaving.

Football - Hillsborough Memorial Team Training - Liverpool Training Ground - 11/5/09..Former Liverpool player Kenny Dalglish during training Photo via Newscom

With regards to Roy Hodgson and the direction the club is taking, Dalglish is calling for a certain amount of patience as we go through a transitional period for the club.

“It’s a transitional period for the club, Roy came in very late on in the summer, his players were away on international duty, he took a while to assess the staff, and by the time he did that he had run out of time in the transfer market.

“Through no fault of Roy Hodgson’s, it is a transitional period. The takeover rightly took precedence over everything else. The club has settled down a lot more now and has some stability. Now we need to get results on the pitch.

“Roy Hodgson will decide if he needs to improve the squad. If he sees a weakness I’m sure he’ll ask the owners for finance.”

Yes, we are going through a transitional period and these things do take time but we as fans tend to get impatient. What concerns me the most about Roy right now is that we can not seem to see where we are going on the pitch. His tactics and decisions are shocking at times. At least if we were playing and struggling but you could see that what Roy is trying to achieve at the club is positive, then I am sure fans would not be calling for Roy to step down.