Date: 9th December 2010 at 10:07am
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Can you imagine after Liverpool play Fulham and Liverpool loose that game, Roy Hodgson comes out and says, “If I have got to lose 3-0, I would prefer it to be to them as I like Fulham.” I am sure we as Liverpool fans would be just as pissed of as the Aston Villa fans are right now. After Liverpool beat Aston Villa, Houllier said those words after the game. He said he was joking but the Aston Villa fans did not take it lightly and many of them are upset right now. Houllier has had to come out and explain his statement to the fans.

Who can blame Houllier if he still loves Liverpool? We are the greatest club in the world after all. Houllier even touched the ‘This Is Anfield’ sign before he walked out onto the field as manager of Aston Villa.

Now how would you react if Roy Hodgson says something similar to that after we play Fulham?

Fulham v Aston Villa, Premier League 6/11/2010 Aston Villa Manager, Gerard Houllier  Photo Marc Atkins Fotosports International Photo via Newscom


3 responses to “Imagine if Hodgson did a Houllier”

  1. Danske says:

    He’s gotten himself into hot water for sure. They’ve got a right to be steamed about it.

    He had nothing to worry about to begin with, but I think he comes off as a bit too eager to be remembered well at Liverpool.

  2. bl007 says:

    I have a theory that managers say one thing in public, and another in the dressing room.
    However, the manager needs to have a good understanding with the team as not to cause disruptions to team spirit or morale.
    Sometimes this duplicity is not obvious to see. He might say something ridiculous in public, but be rational and logical in the backroom (Benitez? Hodgson?).

    Hodgson satisfies the ridiculous public statements (unknown what happens in the backroom). Benitez was too honest in public, and I guess also in the dressing room.

    Houllier? Well, he should just shut his trap. He did the same at LFC.

  3. stan howard says:

    i thought when i read the headline you meant imagine hodgson touching the this is anfield sign ? and there you have it. he is the only manager since shankly who does not know what liverpool are about.