Date: 30th November 2010 at 10:35am
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As we get closer to January and the start of the transfer window, there are many players being linked with moves away from Liverpool in order to get regular first team football and also to free up the Liverpool wage bill and make funds available for us to buy new players.

Two names that are going to be continually linked with moves away from Liverpool until the end of January will be Ryan Babel and Lucas. Both players have never really set their careers on fire at Liverpool. Lucas, to his credit has risen his game a bit at Liverpool over the last couple of months and he gives us an option in central midfield especially with the departure of Mascherano. Lucas is miles better than Poulsen and thus I would rather have Lucas stay than letting him go. Sevilla are said to be interested in Lucas as they line up a bid for him in January. The smart thing would be to keep Lucas and if we are to let go of a player it should be Babel.

Babel has had a nightmare time at Liverpool. He arrived with such high expectations but he has never lived up to them. Some say he has not been given a fair chance at Liverpool and never had a long run of games. But even during the games he has played he has let us down. We can not continue to give him more chances if he is not going to take them. It is best we sell him and get some money for him which we can use to sign another player. Juventus are reportedly interested in Babel and I think a move away from Liverpool would do him well and us the world of good.

Do you think we should sell both players?


5 responses to “Let Babel go but keep Lucas”

  1. gym blog says:

    Lucas has been our best player all season. He was also our best player for all of last season along side Pepe Reina. If we sell him we are mad. He is dominating all midfields we play against. Him and Meireles seem like a really good partnership.

  2. Jay Wright says:

    How many games have we waited for Torres to hit form?? And that’s a “World Class player”…
    In how many games have “experienced pro’s” such as Kuyt & Maxi flopped out wide for us, without facing any retribution??

    Now compare that to Babel who apparently has all of the tools necessary to be a top class player (does Lucas really have all of the attributes to be a world beater??) yet is expected to perform on top form in every little cameo appearance that he makes, or be dismissed as rubbish, and you may see why people say that any talk of him failing to take his chances is ridiculous.

    BTW, Lucas has been an integral member of the starting 11 for two years now – it doesn’t really seem to have done the club the ‘world of good’ to me…

    • Ryan says:

      I completly agree with you on everything you wrote… however, no matter how much “world-class-player” potential Babel may have- I don’t believe Roy is capable of recognizing it and/or developing it. So Babel exiting Liverpool might be a loss of a future great player (or not, it’s all under “what if…”), but under Hodgson, it’s better for him to leave. And that really saddens me to write that people with undiscovered potential have no room in Liverpool because our manager would prefer buying Konchesky No.2 rather than really developing the players he has… with that saidm I really hope I’m wrong and it’s just my pessimism taking over

  3. Ryan says:

    Never mind Babel and Lucas… they are both a lot more useful than N’Gog, for example… I doubt anyone would want to buy him, but we should get rid of him- he’s like the 12th player of the oppisition. And the fact that he is one of this season’s top goalscorers is a really bad sign for us (yes, Roy! I’m talking to you!). N’Gog has missed goals/goal-scoring appertunities that even a dead cat could succeed in. What I’m trying to say is that why argue on players who may or may not have enough potential to be good for and in Liverpool, when there are players who are absolute rubbish and DEFINITELY have no skill or potential (such as N’Gog, Poulsen and Konchesky).

  4. Gab says:

    Don’t agree with this at all. Babel has continually let us down? So how has the club got to the dizzy heights of 10th in the league and he has hardly played? Who were all the stars when the team was in 19th position? Could Babel have done worse than Maxi’s attempt in the Tottenham game? And who else, apart from Torres and Gerrard has scored so many good goals for the team in the last 3 years? Could Babel have been as non threatening as N’gog was? And that Tottenham game, in the second half, was crying out for Babel’s pace, no defending, huge spaces all over the pitch, and Roy was too stupid to see it. So he brought on Aurelio to help Konchesky, that worked really well, didn’t it? All the space on the pitch and Modric and, fatally, Lennon created both of their goals, by running into those spaces. We brought on Aurelio. Says it all. And even considering selling Lucas would be mad. I don’t care how good the youngster Mavinga is, French U19 winner this summer, he must be better than Konchelsky. Sell him and Poulsen. But we won’t get the 10 million we spent on them, not even close. Shows what disgraceful signings they were. Funny how Hodgson had time to slate Johnson but has had nothing to say about Konchelsky. Hodgson does not have an eye for flair or class, he wants to create the team in his own image, journeymen with a history of success in scandanavia. Not good enough, he needs to go now, before things get even worse.