Date:29th November 2010 at 1:37pm
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Liverpool should have medical insurance for its fans. The way Liverpool send us through an emotional roller coaster ride throughout the season is not healthy. I woke up this morning not feeling like getting out of bed at all and afraid to see what the fans out there have to say to us Liverpool fans. We have been battered, sledged and slated by other teams fans and I am starting to run out of words to defend ourselves.

One would say that we should get used to the heartache and joys that Liverpool brings us but this season there have been plenty more heartaches than joy and yesterday was just another one of those gloomy days of being a Liverpool fan. When we took the lead through Skrtel’s goal I got excited and thought that this could be that day when we show the rest of the league that we are still a force in the Premier League. But when Torres and Maxi missed relatively easy chances that could have given us a two goal lead I felt that we were going to rue those misses. Going into the break one up I was slightly confident but always knew that at the back of my mind, Spurs are a second half team.

Credit to Liverpool we did not roll over and play dead in the second half. A draw was the fairest result in that game but we all know that football is not fair at times and tends to have a cruel twist in the end. When Lennon struck Spurs’ winner my heart sank, I fell to my knees and I simply could not contain my disappointment. We did not play too badly but we walked away with zero points. And to top it off Carragher gets injured and is most likely to be out for a couple of weeks.

And if that was not enough, we then find out that we playing Manchester United in the FA Cup! I believe the FA has fixed this fixture somehow. How could this be the ONLY all Premier League tie and it is against the two biggest teams in the country? And why are we away? I honestly thought that we could mount a decent FA Cup run this season and hopefully get some silverware from that but it will not be easy now against United. But who says we can not beat them?

It is a gloomy day hear in Johannesburg especially for Liverpool fans. Even though the sun is burning outside, I feel all gray and gloomy inside. When are we as Liverpool fans finally going to be happy for a long period of time? I am tired of using our history to defend ourselves!