Date:25th November 2010 at 10:47am
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I had a good old laugh this morning when I was reading what Ryan Babel posted on Twitter. It seems like Babel is the most vocal Liverpool player on Twitter as he always has something to say. His autobiography is going to be a good read one day. But back to the matter on hand today: Babel twitted that when Rafa was at Liverpool he refused for him to take extra training sessions.

Apr 28, 2010 - Liverpool, UK, United Kingdom - Liverpool Train Ahead of Atletico Madrid Match..Liverpool's RYAN BABEL training at Melwood.

“Let me tell you something that might surprise you, I wasn’t allowed to train extra under our former manager even when I wasn’t involved,” Babel said.

“I begged lots of times but it was simply not allowed and during the season you don’t train very hard because you have lots games so most sessions we had were without sweating

“But if I wanted to do some extra which I asked for every single day I didn’t have the permission.”

Now could all this be the reason why Babel has not reached his full potential at Liverpool? Is Babel trying to tell us that the reason he has been a flop at Liverpool is because he was not allowed to train extra?

I am not defending Rafa or Babel here as I feel both were wrong. I am sure Rafa had his reasons why he did not want players to train extra, maybe he was afraid that they would get injured if they were pushed harder in training? But then again as Babel is saying, if you are not in the first team and getting game-time then you may as well train extra at Melwood.
But then in Babel’s case, surely if you wanted to train extra then you could do so in your own back yard, in the gym or in the park?

I hope that now Babel is getting all the training he wants under Roy Hodgson and he will finally deliver for Liverpool. I would not bet on it…