Date:22nd November 2010 at 7:55am
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Liverpool put in a commanding performance an Saturday when they defeated West Ham 3-0 at Anfield. It was a must win game for Liverpool following the draw to Wigan and the loss to Stoke. The Reds had to get back onto the winning trail as soon as possible and they did just that against West Ham.

Some pundits are saying West Harm were terrible and that is why Liverpool won. But in my opinion, yes West Ham were shocking but you can not take anything away from Liverpool, they played well. For the first time in a while the team looked hungry and they were playing some attractive football and attacking for a change. Although in the second half Liverpool eased back, I still feel they should have attacked West Ham more and won by 5 or 6 goals.

Virtually everyone in a red shirt played well. I had a close look at Poulsen during the game as coming into the game he was under a lot of pressure to deliver a decent performance for the Reds. Before the game Poulsen admitted that he has not played well yet for Liverpool and it was time to step up. He did just that on Saturday against West Ham where I believe he put in his performance for Liverpool to date. It could not have been easy for him having to fill in for Lucas and Gerrard in central midfield but I feel he was helped by playing in a team that was on song that day and he was up against a team at the foot of the table. I will still not say that I think Poulsen is good enough to be a Liverpool player based on that one performance. He has to do the same week in and week out until I am convinced of him. But for now we just have to keep on supporting him as he is a Liverpool player at the end of the day.

“Poulsen has not had a good time,” said Hodgson following the game against West Ham. “He’s been criticised and not played up to his potential. Often he’s played in a team that has not done well. But he gave an outstanding performance and showed his mental strength.”

Well Done Poulsen for a decent game. Hopefully you can build from this and become the good player you say you are.