Date: 22nd November 2010 at 12:59pm
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There is no getting Glen Johnson out of the news! I think he has made the most headlines at Liverpool during October. He has been injured, criticised by Roy Hodgson for his lack of form, been told by Aquilani that he should come to Juventus, has been apologised to by Hodgson and now they are saying that he still wants to leave Liverpool and go to Inter Milan and this as early as January.

Johnson came back from injury on Saturday against West Ham and he scored. He has since said that he is glad to be back from injury and raring to play for Liverpool and make the most of this season. At the same time the speculation continues that Johnson is not happy with Hodgson and the way he openly criticised his form and that Johnson wants to leave Liverpool in January.

So who do you believe? I think Johnson will stay at Liverpool as I am rubbishing all this speculation.


7 responses to “Is he going or is he staying?”

  1. Phil says:

    The only source of this story was who tried hard to get this piece into the public forum. They changed the headlines several times just to get it noticed. Note that there is zero evidence that the story is true. No sources other than ‘friends of’.
    Forget it. It’s just another attempt to unsettle.

  2. Livmad says:

    It’s not Glen that has to go…it’s Roy…ROY has to go ASAP and King Kenny in until new manager comes in the summer…

  3. Rick says:

    totally agree with Phil.
    However, considering Glen Johnson’s performance with west ham on saturday home game, Roy should blame the lack of form of his players more often.

  4. Maxamill says:

    Do not read, footballfan cast or total sport because they have nothing credible to say and only create their own headlines so us mugs click onto their website.

    I am calling on all reds fans to boycott these sites, trust me they are full of shi..

  5. J J says:

    All those speculations as to who stays and who goes where could be the work reporters who in turn work for sports agents out to make a quick buck from the transfer market. I believe Johnson will stay as long as Liverpool does not go into the bottom half of the table.

  6. sam says:

    liverpool without roy and with investment;

    johnson carragher skrtel COENTRAO’

    kuyt gerrard raul MATA

    torres LLORENTE

    think we see that raul is great in the middle we all know we need left side flank of the team is weak, aurelio is the better player on the ball then konchesky and for me we are still weak there, aurelio can hardly play 12 games a year never mind a whole season.

    mata would provide alomg with a wing back like fabio coentrao alot of width and pace, pace we lack big style. and with the other fernando up top that would add alot of height and varation to the way we attack.

    torres has proved that he can play with llorente and mata knows llorente too. these 3 players are all young with pace and with power and all have proved it for clubs that they play for. all have big futures and while they are not the really huge names in world football, the contract value that these players would give us makes sense and fits into to the long term struckture of the new nesv.

    if we have any desires on moving on, then these type of players are what we need,

  7. Jay Wright says:

    Liverpool without Roy and even without investment can be title contenders!


    Subs: Jones/Carragher/Kelly/Poulsen/Pacheco/Kuyt/Ngog/GulacsiWilson/Konchesky/Shelvey/Amoo/Ecclestone etc

    If Meireles proved incapable of anchoring the midfield then he could just be dropped for Lucas or Poulsen and be made to compete for a more attacking central berth with Cole & Gerrard (Pacheco & Shelvey as backups for the role)

    We’d instantly have more pace and fluidity in our attack, be more capable of pressing high up the pitch and much more likely to outplay our opponents on a regular basis