Date: 18th November 2010 at 12:28pm
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“What former Liverpool team-mate would I bring to Juventus? I would take Glen Johnson.” That is what Alberto Aquilani said this week. It is 99% set that Aquilani will remain at Juventus when his loan spell runs out and now Aquilani would like Glen Johnson to join him at Juventus.

I say, “Aquilani please do us the honors of taking Johnson to Juventus. You can even pay for his plane ticket there. If I had the money I would even pay for Johnson’s ticket to Italy just so we can get him away from Liverpool.”

Johnson has had a shocker of a season for Liverpool and it still amazes me how he is England’s first choice right back. The guy does not know how to defend to save his life. He has cost us so many times this season when he has played. The one and ONLY thing I agree with Roy Hodgson about is the form of Johnson this season. Hodgson was right to criticize Johnson but then Hodgson being the weakling he is retracted on what he was saying and apologised to Johnson! I have never come across a weaker manager than Hodgson and for the sake of Liverpool’s future, please get rid of him now!


8 responses to “Aquilani should buy Glen Johnson his air ticket to Juventus and take Hodgson too”

  1. Dunc says:

    Yes, lets move on our best players, that’ll improve the team no end.


    • Kevin says:

      Our best players ???? Seriously ?? Have you actually watched a single game that Johnson has played this year ?? We paid at least £14 million more for him than we should have !!!

  2. AndrewB says:

    So he has played a couple of bad games and a couple of average games in the few that he has played but why not call for Torres or Reina to be sold too, I mean apart from 1 or 2 good games they have cost us points and put in nothing less than diabolical displays too.

    Johnson on his day is a top quality right back, having proved this by being named in team of the year 2 years ago. I think it is Hodgsons negative tactics that are making him look off the pace, Konchesky on the other side has also been playing shockingly bad and as the saying goes form is tempory, class is permanent, just ask anyone that has been watching Aquilani this season. These are 2 players good enough for a top quality side so the questions should be asked to the management as to why they can not get the best out of proven star players like these and oh yeah the Form of Torres, Joe Cole and Reina also prove this.

    • Kevin says:

      Where do you people come from ??? Other than the mistake against Arsenal on the 1st day of the season, Reina has literally kept us alive. Do you actually watch anything other than the 45 seconds of highlights on M.O.T.D ???

  3. Jay Wright says:

    Stick Alves, Ramos, Maicon or any other reknowned attacking full back iinto Hodgson’s Liverpool team and they’ll look a poor imitation of themselves also.
    Just look at how exposed Maicon was when he was forced to deefnd for a whole game against Bale, instead of pushing up in the opposite direction as he usually does!

  4. Fremen says:

    Hodgson may have been right about his opinion of Johnson’s form, but he was WRONG to express that opinion in public and to the press and he was WRONG to criticize his own player in public like that.

    One could also argue that he was WRONG to not take some responsibility himself for his inability to get the best out of his players like Johnson, but that’s something you’ll never see Hodgson do.

    So for you to say that Hodgson was right to criticize Johnson (and in public like that)just show how worthless your opinion and this article is.
    So in future spare us your opinion, or if you want one, here’s an idea; why don’t you save on that air ticket for Johnson and buy yourself a ticket to Juventus instead.

  5. Cheyenne says:

    Aquilani is a moron, isn’t he still contracted to Liverpool so why is he in the press making negative comments. What if he were sent back to the club after his loan period ended? Like Johnson he hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory since signing for the Reds. I would rather have Martin Kelly in a Liverpool team before Johnson and why did Mourinho bomb him out of Chelsea. If Aqua wants him there so much why doesn’t he pay his fare?

  6. jack says:

    Johnson is crap, he has no place in the Liverpool side, and while he going there please take maxi with.