Date: 17th November 2010 at 6:45am
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Adam Johnson has had enough of Manchester City. The 23 year old England winger is hardly starting games anymore for Manchester City and has hinted that he could be prepared to leave the club if he does not start more goes. This is good news for teams wanting to sign this highly talented winger and if Liverpool are serious and Johnson is really considering his future then I believe this is the kind of signing Liverpool have to make.

Johnson joined Manchester City for £7m from Middlesbrough in January and at the end of last season he played 16 times for City, making 14 starts. This season he has started just five games and appeared seven times as a sub. Surely such talent can not be wasted on the bench and could be used very effectively at Anfield.

Adam Johnson England 2010/11 Milorad Pekovic Montenegro England V Montenegro 12/10/10 UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifier Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

John Henry has made it clear that he does not think the club will spend big this January but if Johnson becomes available then Henry has to make a plan and go all out to clinch his signature. Henry has put a lot of emphasis on developing a youth policy at Liverpool and Johnson fits this bill perfectly. At only 23 years old, Johnson has a lot of good years of football ahead of him. He is English which fits perfectly with the quota system. And the most important thing, Johnson is a pacy winger which is exactly what the team needs right now to add a new dimension to our attack.

What would be interesting to see is how much City would want for Johnson if they do decide to let him go. I am thinking they would not want anything less than £10m and we should break our back and come up with this money if that is the case. The likes of Reina and Torres have made it clear that they want to see some talented players joining the club and signing a player like Johnson would surely get them to see that the club is being serious.

What do you think of Liverpool signing Adam Johnson if he does decide to leave Manchester City?


10 responses to “Signing Adam Johnson would be the right thing to do for Liverpool”

  1. Kava says:

    Not likely to happen. Liverpool has a habit of passing up no-brainer acquisitions, no matter who is in charge.

  2. Manny says:

    This would be a great signing and would give us some much needed width. How Johnson would fit in with Joe Cole also in our squad is another question.

    But if we have Torres upfront, Cole in the hole, Johnson and Kuyt out wide and Gerrard and Raul in the middle we may start winning games! (At least we can start playing some good attractive footy again)

    • Mark says:

      As long as Roy’s incharge, I don’t think winning games is on the cards let alone attractive football .

  3. RedMist!!! says:

    No brainer!!

  4. Mr. Chopper says:

    1. Gerrard doesn’t play his best games from midfield – it’s a fallacy. He plays far better off Torres and he’s said that himself, but it annoys him that everybody thinks he plays best in midfield.

    2. A. Johnson isn’t gonna leave – he’s like all City players. As soon as somebody says something they don’t like they go on about quitting.

    3. You really think that kind of approach would be good for us? Somebody who doesn’t listen, won’t sit on the bench and often makes the wrong choice in a situation? He needs to learn and grow.

    4. He’ll cost a bomb. Why would City get rid of him for the same price when they can hang onto him with their bags of cash until somebody wants to spunk £15m?

    He’s a very good prospect – he could be the next Ronaldo, who in my eyes has been the only tricksy player to bulk up and step up to the plate in the Prem in recent times (Walcott is looking good for his money too). But he needs to be somewhere that looks after him and helps him grow… I can only see that as being at Scum or Arsenal to be brutally honest.

    Our club is still getting over a massive regime change. Half the fans want a different manager and most people argue about who should be playing for us. We need to get back into the LFC way before we can look at getting a talent like this and shooting for the top again.

  5. LFCrSHIT says:

    Keep your hands off our fucking players you bastards, nobody wants to go to a small club so FUCK OFF.

    • killian says:

      Hahaha, City fans are too funny, a random arab throws some money their way and all of the sudden they are a big club. Get real mate.