Date: 17th November 2010 at 12:59pm
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The team would like to congratulate Danny Wilson for making his full international debut for Scotland last night against the Faroe Islands. Wilson capped off his debut by also scoring a very well taken goal. What more of a debut could one ask for? Well done Danny and hopefully this will boost your confidence and you will raise to new heights for Liverpool.

Now with Wilson who is only 18 years old having made his international debut and having won the Scottish Premier League, Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup, as well as being named Scotland’s dual Young Player of the Year during his time with Rangers last season, I believe it is time for him to step up into the Liverpool first team and take over from the aging Jamie Carragher.

There is no doubting that Carragher has been a great servant for Liverpool throughout his career and he will go down in the history books for Liverpool, but there comes a time when one has to step down and let someone else take over. As the years have gone by, Carragher has gotten slower and he is not the rock at the back that we were used to. He continues to be a good leader on the pitch (although at times I think he takes his shouting and pointing over the top). I am sure Carragher is helping the young defenders such as Wilson and Kelly to better their game off the field but the only way to really do it is to give these youngsters a run in the team. Wilson has not been given his chance yet (besides one game against Northampton) but Kelly has and he has shined. And I am pretty sure Wilson will shine too given the chance.

Carragher is a permanent fixture in the Liverpool starting lineup but after a series of bad performances by him, he remains in the team. Carragher is one of those untouchable players who Hodgson does not have the balls to drop. When Jamie has a bad run he should be dropped and give others a chance. If all defenders are fit and on song, I believe that a central defensive combination of Agger and Skrtel should be the backbone of Liverpool with Wilson rotating around the two. I know many of you may say that Wilson has not been tested on the big stage yet as playing in Scotland is not really that tough. I hear you when you say that but let us give the youngster a run in the Premier League or Europa League and let us see how good or bad he is. We will never know if he continues not to feature.

Do you think it is time for Carragher to step down and give others a chance in central defence?

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12 responses to “It is time for Carragher to step down and let Danny Wilson step up”

  1. Ste says:

    Your right of course, but Carragher WONT be dropped, as he is a Scouser and used to be a good defender, he has been awarded a new two year contract because of this, he will continue to be played, and make mistakes, give goals away and hoof all day long, all for old times sake.

  2. News Bot says:

    Spot on! Carragher will most definitely be in the annals of Liverpool for being the most mediocre player to be featured so regularly in the starting eleven all these years.

  3. George says:

    Carragher will also be ‘fondly’ remembered for scoring the most goals… against his own beloved Liverpool.

  4. Joggie Taute says:

    what a lot of crap from you guys. He is still one of the best defenders and to be honest the people around him suck big time.

  5. Mahboob says:

    Even at his peak, Carra was not selected among the top 4 central bAcks. Now at 33, he is surviving only for old days & RH. A pathetic manager who don’t have the guts to drop him. After all WC controversies, yet Galas is still a much better defender than Carra & see what Wenger did with him.

  6. iPhilRed says:

    As much as we fans wish it to happen, i doubt it will. why? Simply look at Danni Pacheco, he had an amazing under 19s world cup for Spain and look what happens to him – didn’t even make it in reserve for first team. The problem lies in the hands of Roy and the solution to that is simple – GET RID OF ROY. in roy we distrust.

  7. smig says:

    Wilson might be the future but don’t base a your comparison on a decent performance against a Sunday League quality international side and Carra, who is a leader with all the experience in the world. Danny has a lot to learn.

    You might try going to Anfield and watch them play then maybe you will revise your opinion. Danny had a nightmare against Northampton and he and the likes of Kelly need the leadership of his influencial character both on and off the pitch.

  8. dave says:

    Er, I would say that if anybody should give way it’s Skrtel. Carragher reads the game extremely well and his workrate is exceptional.

  9. Shannon says:

    I’m not a Liverpool supporter, but my son is. I always point out to him quite how crap Carragher is, and he’s come to agree with me. The last time was when he played Kenwynne Jones onside for Stoke’s second goal and then watched as he waltzed through to score. I think he talks himself into the team more than anything else, always supporting the manager, no matter how badly things are going!

  10. OJ says:

    Are you all smoking something today. Carra has won everything bar the premiership is one of our highest appearing players in history. You don’t do that unless you are a class act. Show some respect!!!

  11. rmilne says:

    your forgetting ofcourse that Wilson has played champions League football last season with Rangers and was a stand out in the 3 games he played as well as playing against Celtic. Believe me the boy can handle the Premier League if he plays alongside either Carra , Agger or Skrtel

  12. Alex says: