Date: 16th November 2010 at 7:03am
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Let us not forget that Alberto Aquilani is still a Liverpool player and he is having a great spell on loan for Juventus. Aquilani came to Liverpool as a potential replacement for Xabi Alonso. It was going to be a hard task for anyone to fill Alonso’s role and it did not help Aquilani that he arrived at Liverpool with an injury. Rafa had faith that Aquilani would recover from his ankle injury and star for Liverpool last season. But Aquilani never really got going for the whole of the season due to his niggling injuries and lack of form. Towards the end of the season he started to get a run in the team but it was clear to see that Aquilani was not playing with a lot of confidence and the pace of the English game was just too quick for him.

In Italy, the pace of the game is much slower and players tend to have a bit more time on the ball without being hurried by the opposition. It is this space and time that Aquilani seems to enjoy and thus he is doing well for Juventus right now.

But I still believe that Liverpool should not have let Aquilani go out on loan and we should have given him this season to prove himself as he seems to have recovered from his injury. Some suggest that Aquilani was sent out on loan for financial reasons so that his wages could be directed to pay for Joe Cole’s wages. Some say he was homesick and just wanted to go back to Italy. Juventus have the option to buy Aquilani at the end of the season and I am pretty sure they are going to do that if he continues playing well for us. But will we recoup the full transfer fee we paid for him? I doubt it. With that said, if Aquilani has a change of heart and wants to come back to Liverpool then I would fully welcome that as he would add some much needed creativity and accurate passing to our midfield.

Just have a look at the video below courtesy of YouTube user milankakabaros which shows a 4 minute highlights package of Aquilani performance against Roma. You can see how well Aquilani was passing (well they do not show us his bad passes and I am sure he had a few) and how Aquilani set up the Juventus goal. What also caught my attention is this video was how Aquilani was quick in shutting down the opposition, thus showing off he can defend when need be. Liverpool should get Aqua Man back and give him another chance.

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12 responses to “Should Liverpool bring back Aquilani?”

  1. Jay Wright says:

    we CAN’T bring Aquilani back! The ball s firmly in Juve’s court – if they want him, he’s theirs (at a cut price fee).

    This deal was the first sign that Hodgson was not the man for the job.

  2. flauvio says:

    Aquilani is a class above Cole and will be for the remainder of his career.

  3. Ken says:

    Could be wrong, but my understanding is that we can’t bring him back unless Juve decide to let him go – they also have a clause to allow them purchase him outright, which means we’re only getting him back if they can’t afford or don’t want him.

    Not to worry – we have Poulsen 🙁

  4. Liverpoolforever kesi says:

    Da questi0n shud be “can we bring aquilani back” .ur questi0n iz just as stupid as h0ds0n,wh0 let aquilani g0.after bringing him back t0 fitness h0w cud he l0an him out?

  5. neelesh says:

    Bring Aquilani back the guy is class,we need him in our midfield he adds depth to our squad.

  6. VR says:

    as almost everyone is saying:

    if Juve decide to (and they will), they just have to pay the 15mil € (smtg like that)to make the move permanent.

    Therefore, this poll is a little be dumb..

  7. Nacho says:

    I agree with jay wright. It is very sad when we have him that we did not give him game time. It will be the same if ROY let JOHNSON, BABBEL & AGGER GOES. We end up being average BPL Club.He will never understand what it meant by ‘a priest on top of a sugar mountain!’

  8. salvo says:

    i’m italian and my blood is white and black from birth. aquilani is one of the best midfielders in the world, and in italy we already knew that when he played in rome. unfortunately in premier you have not been able to exploit him…DAJE ALBE’ !!!

  9. purify says:

    The answer to your question is absolutely NO and this video clearly shows why. Just look at how unbelievably slow and weak the level of play is in Italy compared to the Premier League. It’s shocking. Aquilani was never fast or strong enough to play in the Liverpool midfield, and he’s not any faster or stronger now.

    Just look at these highlights: Aqua standing around, miles of space around, tons of time on the ball. That never happens in England. When the challenge does come in, it’s not even close to the intensity of the EPL. This video is like watching retired players compared to the Prem.

    Aquilani would absolutely be a liability for Liverpool if he came back. We need youth, speed, and strength in the Liverpool midfield, and he has none of that.

  10. killa says:

    Sorry guys, but we will buy him for sure.Thanks for warming him up for us.Greetings from Torino