Date: 16th November 2010 at 12:09pm
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We do not have 38 to 55 games Roy! Time is not on our side! What irritates me the most about Roy is that he came out in the beginning of the season as said we must look at the table after 10 games. And now he is saying we should give him 38 to 55 games. Make up your mind Roy is it 10 games or 55 games? No matter what your answer is, after 10 games we looked at the table and we were not where we want to be. If we take your word of 38 games we may just find ourselves in relegation trouble!

The new owners are calling for us to give Roy time and to be patient but time is a luxury we do not have. It depresses me every time we loose and we are loosing way to often for my liking right now.

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“After ten games I will start worrying about the table but until then I’ll worry more about performances and results.” Those were the words of Hodgson in September. So Roy, I hope you are worrying about the table right now. Now we have 16 points after after 13 games, that is 3 points above the drop zone and 6 points behind Manchester City in 4th place meaning we are closer to relegation than the top four which is not acceptable for Liverpool Football Club.

Based on what Roy has done thus far and his plea to give him 38 games, I think we are in for a long tough season filled with disappointments. One thing I am glad about is the arrival of new Liverpool director of football strategy Damien Comolli. By the sound of things, Comolli will be key in any transfers that happen at Liverpool. I will put my trust in him rather than Hodgson as Roy’s signings have already proved to be suspect namely Poulsen and Konchesky.

If Hodgson survives the 38 to 55 games he is talking about I would be VERY surprised.


5 responses to “Roy Hodgson : “I’m a 38-to-55-game-a-season man””

  1. Dave says:

    I’ve been saying from Day 1 that he’s not the manager for us. All he’s done thus far is to reinforce that view. Everything he says and does is suspect.

    He’s now saying we don’t have enough players after saying he had too many. He tells us to judge him after 10 games but now wants 55. He tells us not to expect to win when we have some of the world’s top players.

    Any Manager in the world would take the group of players he’s sold from our club over those he’s brought in. He roles of a list of clubs where he won nothing as some sort of testament to his ability. Worst of all, he actually believes he was manager of the year last season!
    Never have we heard so my rumours about our top players wanting to leave.

    I don’t want us to become a team that’s just difficult to beat, even when we aren’t. I want us to be team that wins things. Under Hodgson that will never happen.

    He’s got to go.

  2. DecusBravas says:

    Exactly. This is a man drowning in his own mediocrity. He has become so confused that every time he opens his mouth he does further damage to his reputation.
    We have played 26 games under Roy Hodgson, 4 friendlies and 22 competitive. We have played to an acceptable (though not fantastic) level in the second half against Steau B, the first half against Blackburn and the first half against Chelsea. The rest of the time we have been utterly diabolical. 3 halves of football from 26 games!!!How long do we have to put up with this? If I was employed as a paper boy and kept failing to deliver papers or posting them through the wrong door, I’m pretty sure I would be sacked after a couple of days!
    Please Mr Henry, we need you now more than ever, save our club and wield the axe!

  3. not roy says:

    i can’t even stand the sight of hodgson for 38-to-55 secs

  4. steve mcauley says:

    he asked for 10 games, i’ve given him 13, verdict?…PISH! now off you go woy!

  5. Jay Wright says:

    how many times has he actually had 55 games in a season?? The guy chats so much sh!te!