Date: 15th November 2010 at 1:03pm
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Following Liverpool’s 2-0 loss to Stoke on Saturday many fans are calling for Roy Hodgson to be sacked and be replaced by Kenny Dalglish. I believe that if this were Fanatasy Football and we were playing on a PS3 then bringing Kenny Dalglish would be easy but this is the real world with real decisions to be made.

Whilst many fans are calling for Hodgson to go, I will stick up for him and say he must stay simply for the reason that what will firing him achieve right now? You sack him and you bring in who else if it is not Dalglish? Whoever comes in now is going to want to use his own tactics and his own players and that will most likely take some time. Roy has started building his team with his own tactics (however good or bad they are) and these things do not change over night. Roy is not out of his depth, if he was then Liverpool would not have hired him now would they? Give the guy a break and give him a chance. Who ever is manager of Liverpool is capable of beating Chelsea 2-0 but at the same time that manager can easily loose 2-0 to Stoke. Even if we have Mourinho or Pep as our manager, Liverpool will loose certain games.

I am not slating or belittling King Kenny as I think he is a legend for the club and always will be but right now I think he is more suited to his ambassador role than the day to day running and managing of a club. Dalglish has been out of the game for a while so you can not expect him to slot right back in and performs miracles for us. Maybe he can, who knows but it would be a gamble in my opinion. Having Dalglish back in the dugout would be great for Liverpool fans if the teams plays well and the results come our way. But can you imagine what would happen if Dalglish took over and the results were worse than Roy’s right now? I do not think the Kop would ever boo Kenny or ask him to leave but it would seriously taint his amazing time at Liverpool if Kenny were to leave on the back of bad results.

There is no guarantee that Dalglish would bring back instant success to Liverpool so rather let us stick to what Roy is working on now and give him a chance!


11 responses to “Bring back Kenny Dalglish and then what?”

  1. gary fergo says:

    how can you say he is not out of his depth, by his own admission he cant even deal with the media pressure, he now looks old and bothered as if he has forgotten something,im hoping its not a hair cut thats playing on his mind

  2. Dunc says:

    I don’t think anyone seriously wants Dalglish as manager. It’s just better than booing the manager.

    Pellegrini or Martin O’Neil please.

  3. Alan says:

    Sorry, but you’re a fool.

    Dalglish couldn’t be any worse than Woy and going by the two CVs, he is clearly far superior with far more experience at the highest level.

    Woy is out of his depth. He would never have got near the Anfield (or any top 4 club) job only for the mess the two cowboys had put the club in. He has been found out at this level, just like Konchesky. They are fine at mediocre clubs; they do not belong at the top clubs.

    Get Hodgson out while 4th is still achievable.

  4. Mr Clean says:

    Martin O’neil?? another failure with no trophys to show. (SPL dosent count) Kenny in now!! Hes not been a manager but he lives and breaths LFC more than anyone. Genius’s dont forget.

  5. steve mcauley says:

    roy said himself, “judge me after 10 games”, well i’ve given him 11 in the league and my judgement….PISH! go now while we are still in with a chance of AVOIDING RELEGATION! because that’s where this clown is going to take us!
    M O’N would add a bit of passion and enthusiasm, not the negativity that woy spouts out with every interview. To say he actually EXPECTS us to lose a lot more games, well? my ghast has never been more flabbered! mart prefers a rolling contract, so let’s bring him in now, to see if he can get us out of this mess and then review everything in the summer!

  6. LordHaHa says:

    Lets be sensible about this. Kenny is not the ideal candidate but O’Neil probably would be. He very rarely changed his team and liked the use of wingers. RH is stuck in that hole of trying not to lose. This is crap for the paying supporter to watch this dribble. We all know that Hodgsons tactics will never alter no matter how long we give him.

    We also know his judgment is terrible otherwise he would never have thought of bringing both Konchelsky or Poulsen anywhere near the club. I say this has to stop as soon as possible and his replacement must be acquired.

    I also think that if any player wants away and that includes Torres then so be it say goodbye. We should also take into consideration that we have been carrying deadwood for most of the season in Torres which must have also had an effect on our results.

  7. George Wagi says:

    “Whilst many fans are calling for Hodgson to go, I will stick up for him and say he must stay simply for the reason that” Roy is English!!!
    Rafa’s main critics is that because he is not English!! I encourage all LFC fans who really love football to go and support Barcelona or Real Madrid .This LFC is becoming another Everton for God’s sake!!!!
    So why LFC don’t sell Torres and buy some strong and big TYPICAL english striker?!!
    I was so upset when Mascherano left us for Barcelona but today it’s clear that Mascherano was a wise man.It’s so sad and unfair to see talented players like Torres,Agger,Reina,Maxi wasting their time and talent by being forced to play the MAGIC tactics of “defend and hoof”!!!!!!!

  8. tommy walsh says:

    the point im going to make is hodgson,ngog,lucas,cole,konshesky,poulsen,maxi,and as much as i hate to say this carragher all have to go carragher the last two match’s has been shocking against wigan he was calling players back to give him cover and making us play deep cause he cant leave space in behind himself no more and against stoke every ball that came to him was hoofed up the pitch inviting pressure back on us my team would be manager (dalglish every pool fan wanted him from the start, (riena,kelly,ayala,skrtel,agger/mavwinga,aqualini,meriles,

  9. Gmac says:

    Absolute nonesense,it is well established even by Hodgeson himself that he is defensively minded.Our only good perfomance was against Chelsea and that team lineup was forced on Woy by two players dropping out just before the game.Hence we played 4-4-2 with Kuyt as second striker and we played much better.Whats wrong with Gerrard and Mireiles as our TWO central midfielders and play Kuyt or N’gog up supporting Torres when we have the ball,and tracking back when we don’t have the ball.Both Mireiles and Gerrard defend well,shoot well from distance, and are ‘box to box’ midfield players thus there is no need for a designated ‘defensive midfield player’.You win games by scoring more goals than the opposite team,not as Roy says by building a defensive platform to attack from.10 draws = 10 points…………
    5 wins and 5 defeats = 15 points.Go for wins against everyone,home and away!!! Especially when you have the best striker and attacking midfield player in the world!
    Get Aquilani back,even Insua is better than Koncheski and Poulson is an ordinary player,as Hodgeson is at best an ordinary manager.

  10. J J says:

    Any intelligent LFC fan can see that Roy is getting it all wrong. Just look at the way we play. If we continue to adopt conventional wisdom of giving LFC manager time then how are we going to progress. Before we know it, it may be too late for we will be in the relegation zone then.

    We will support Roy if there are signs that the team is progressing. But the team seems to be regressing from game to game except for the 1st half of the Chelsea game. Unfortunately, the EPL is not just a 45 mins tournament! Alas, Roy can’t even decide when to change things around with substitutions when things are not going right during the game.

    Roy must go now! He wanted 10 games to prove himself. Now we have given him a bonus with 11 games.

  11. Paul says:

    Sorry. Uncle Roy needs to go with his flips and his flops. They gave the xenophobic Sky influenced fans what they wanted and got rid of Rafa for an English manager. Football as moved on. And the tatics and some of the players need to be moved on. The only reaason Lord Carragher gets to play every game is because he is local. Sick and tired of watching him roll the ball under his foot and then hoofing it up the pitch.