Date:15th November 2010 at 1:03pm
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Following Liverpool’s 2-0 loss to Stoke on Saturday many fans are calling for Roy Hodgson to be sacked and be replaced by Kenny Dalglish. I believe that if this were Fanatasy Football and we were playing on a PS3 then bringing Kenny Dalglish would be easy but this is the real world with real decisions to be made.

Whilst many fans are calling for Hodgson to go, I will stick up for him and say he must stay simply for the reason that what will firing him achieve right now? You sack him and you bring in who else if it is not Dalglish? Whoever comes in now is going to want to use his own tactics and his own players and that will most likely take some time. Roy has started building his team with his own tactics (however good or bad they are) and these things do not change over night. Roy is not out of his depth, if he was then Liverpool would not have hired him now would they? Give the guy a break and give him a chance. Who ever is manager of Liverpool is capable of beating Chelsea 2-0 but at the same time that manager can easily loose 2-0 to Stoke. Even if we have Mourinho or Pep as our manager, Liverpool will loose certain games.

I am not slating or belittling King Kenny as I think he is a legend for the club and always will be but right now I think he is more suited to his ambassador role than the day to day running and managing of a club. Dalglish has been out of the game for a while so you can not expect him to slot right back in and performs miracles for us. Maybe he can, who knows but it would be a gamble in my opinion. Having Dalglish back in the dugout would be great for Liverpool fans if the teams plays well and the results come our way. But can you imagine what would happen if Dalglish took over and the results were worse than Roy’s right now? I do not think the Kop would ever boo Kenny or ask him to leave but it would seriously taint his amazing time at Liverpool if Kenny were to leave on the back of bad results.

There is no guarantee that Dalglish would bring back instant success to Liverpool so rather let us stick to what Roy is working on now and give him a chance!