Date: 11th November 2010 at 1:00pm
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Liverpool are hunting for a new Chief Executive Officer after the departure of Christian Purslow. New England Sports Ventures (NESV) confirmed that it has appointed Spencer Stuart, a global executive search firm, to advise on the recruitment of a new CEO. The focus for the appointment will be on business leaders with an interest in, and experience of, football.

Now I am not too sure if there are many candidates out their suitable for this position but we need only the best. Football today hinges a lot on the business aspect of the club and thus we need someone who will run Liverpool as a business and generate some much needed profits for us which we can then put back into the squad. With the new owners now in place, it is a perfect time for a new CEO to come in and start working with them and hopefully they share the same ideas and vision.

Now if you had the opportunity to apply to be the new CEO and you were given the job what would be your plans and vision for Liverpool and what would be amongst the first things you would do or change?


10 responses to “Apply to be the new Liverpool CEO”

  1. Sean says:

    I would get us working on a new stadium straight away and turn our global presence into a monetary return. Many would think sacking Hodgson would be wise but I would give him until the end of the season and see what he has done.

  2. fdg says:

    get rid of Roy and make King kenny the manager

    • DW says:

      Great idea, lets go bsck to the early 90’s and the bad buys that Roy has made are almost as bad as the Dalglish panick buys when things weren’t going well. Keep him as Ambassador, a role that he does this fantasticlly well and we could not have a better person promoting our club,

  3. Frank (South Africa) says:

    A new stadium is a must and he / she (imagine it was a woman?) must make sure we do not get into debt.

  4. squire says:

    Get Alonso back!!!!!!!

  5. tanya says:

    I believe the first important task I would do is to insure that the likes of Gerrard, Torres and Reina are committed to the club for the long term. I would talk to Mr. Henry and ask him to allow Roy to spend no less than 30m in January and get in a few players and then come end of the season so how those players do and see if we need new ones. If so, another 50m in the summer would do us well but at the same time getting rid of some dead weight like Babel.

    The stadium is a huge priority and I belive building a new one is better than trying to expand Anfield.

    We need to put more money into our youth and get the best young talent in the country and make a policy that at least one youth player breaks into the first team every season.

  6. mahen says:

    CEO – first thing is to come into the lives of the players and make them feel Liverpool in their heart. I feel it when i watch it on TV and we got a great bunch of players and all they need is the heart beat of Liverpool, second why build a new stadium when all the emotion and memories are in Anfield as we can use the money on building on the squad and their motivation. No need to change the manager when the players are doing the job the field…. we can assist Roy by giving ideas and players that make a difference on the field and who does not.

    Players names are not to be mentioned as they must be good if they are at Liverpool. No need to buy name brand places when Liverpool can make name brand players….its the heart for football and the club they playing at makes them a world class player…….

    Cut on outside costs and build on our squad….. we need performance on the pitch than building the stadium around the pitch.

  7. M_KOP says:

    1. Ensure long term self sustain profitability.
    1.1 Increase Revenue by stadium expansion / new stadium

    1.2 Explore Asian / African market with potential players / official retail store / franchise system (maybe)?

    1.3 Cut costs, dead wood players / staff and old technology (periodically of course)

    1.4 Innovate players system (so that the junior, reserve and senior players plays the same tactics; A,B,C, and D) – i think Barca uses this method.

    2. Resolve manager Issue and set KPI’s

    2.1 Remove RH, replace with forward, attacking thinking manager, built career profile and manager succession planning for coaches, players and background staff.

    2.2 Agree on collective playing style; THAT Attracts global audience, not physical bullying, players kicking, ball bombardment style ala old Bolton, Stoke, current Blackburn, … u get the drift? >> to ensure there will always be a constant supply of fresh talent.

    2.3 Send the managers on tactical analysis courses (update managers knowledge)

    2.4 Set up a show me what you can do website. (fan’s can upload talents that they think can play for LFC)

    3.0 Get the Locals support more involvement in club’s administrative and way forward initiatives. This is after all a Merseyside, Liverpool, England Football Club. but of course not forgetting the global presence and culture diversity.

    4.0 set up and official forum (free) that fans can contribute ideas / new strategy.

    5.0 invite recognized Journal / x players n fans to actual forums to discuss and obtain joint consensus for the club. it is after all a “CLUB”.

    As a summary, i’ll break the items into segmentation, the quick wins for immediate effect, cash cows for long term success, prepare the club’s swot analysis.

    P/S: Dear Admin, can i add my thoughts latter, i’d like to add, and structure my ideas in a more collective manner.

  8. toomy says:

    get rid of Roy Hogdson, simple as !!!!!!

    • DW says:

      and replace with who?? Everyone knows who they want to sack but no one comes up with a better replacement.