Date:11th November 2010 at 9:15am
Written by: asked Liverpool fan, Angelo in Johannesburg, South Africa this morning if he thought last nights game against Wigan was a point won or two points dropped. This was his response:

I think it’s a very lucky point gained. If you watched the 2nd half, we were dominated to the point that we made Maritzburg United look like a EPL team…Wigan were very unfortunate not to collect all 3 points. Yesterday further confirmed that Roy Hodgson has no tactical awareness whatsoever, and I’ll even go as far as to say that the only reason that he is still coach is because he has ‘something’ going on with the owners!

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Where did Roy Hodgson get it wrong?

1. Mierles off for Shelvey….Okay, seriously….Shelvey is colour blind. EVERY single pass he made was to a Wigan player, someone needs to tell him we are the team in red….seriously, he is not up to par. In my eyes there is absolutely no way that guy can redeem himself. We just need to admit our error with this one and donate him to Charlton again….absolutely shocking!!! I don’t care if he is young, if you can’t tell the difference between red and blue you are worthless in my eyes, no matter your age!

2. Kuyt off for Poulsen….FOR FIVE SNAKES!!!!! I want to check this guys ID. There is no ways in hell he is only in his thirties….he HAS to be at LEAST 45. I have seen grand mothers run faster than him. I mean this guy makes EVERYONE around him look like Usain Bolt! Is he carrying weights in his undies that we don’t know about? He needs to be sold and ASAP!!!

3. We had zero ball possession in the 2nd half, Roy Hodgson did NOTHING except put his head in his hands! RH, ITS YOUR JOB TO MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGES….YOUR JOB! DO IT!!! Do you think you get paid all that money to look good on TV and to give interviews? Seriously what the hell is wrong with this guy? Are we watching the same game?

4. Okay, so what is the full extent of Roy Hodgson’s relationship with Maxi? Are they friends with benefits? Seriously, Maxi has been drifting in and out of games, like a Somali pirate, the WHOLE season thus far! Wake up RH! Smell the coffee bud, otherwise it’s going to be a LONG season….

5. We got to give more support to Torres upfront. With Shelvey playing for Wigan and Poulsen making tackles 2 days after the fact, we never saw the ball and thus Torres became even more isolated up top. Where is Jovanovic? Has he become the team mascot?


1. I liked Kelly, think he is STREETS ahead of Johnson. Thought Konchesky had a good game too. Torres is coming back into it as well.

2. We didn’t lose! And the other teams didn’t win, so we didn’t slip up too much.

3. Another indication to the owners that we need numbers in to bolster the side and ASAP, and not in the summer, NOW!! If we wait, we WILL get relegated, mark my words! Do we think that just because we are Liverpool we can’t get relegated? Ask Leeds and Co about that one!

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