Date: 9th November 2010 at 12:57pm
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They have been on his case since the World Cup. They called him a failure. They said he would never be his best again. The said he does not want to be at Liverpool anymore. How they were all so wrong!

Fernando Torres has be criticized a lot of late as he has struggled to find the back of the net for Liverpool. Injuries have not helped his cause and the general slump in form of the team and the behind the scenes power struggles at Liverpool had led to one of the greatest strikers in the game today to be dubbed a failure.

But for all those of you who doubted him, you only have to look at his two well taken goals against Chelsea on Sunday. El Nino is back! As they say, “Form is temporary but class is permanent”. That just sums up Torres in a sentence.

Just to serve as a reminder to the Liverpool faithful, YouTube user ElAlonso has put together another great video for us where he summed it up by simply saying, “After his brilliant brace against Chelsea. I wanted to make a video showing how our Nando’s class was never in question, and how it’s finally showing once again.”


2 responses to “Did you ever doubt Torres?”

  1. Esperanza says:

    I never,absolutely NEVER had any doubts that our beloved Nando will never be at his best.I was completely sure that he’s gonna return.