Date: 8th November 2010 at 8:34am
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Who ever would have thought that the news that one of our first team players has fallen ill before kickoff could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise? This is what happened yesterday when Glen Johnson was ruled out of the game against Chelsea and England U-21 international Martin Kelly had to step in to fill in at right back. With Agger and Soto also out injured, there was no way Roy Hodgson could play Carragher at right back so he had very little choice but to call upon Kelly and what a job Kelly did.

For 90 minutes, Kelly had Ashley Cole and Malouda in check. It did not look like this was Kelly’s first Premier League start of the season at all. I then asked myself, why are we busy crying with Glen Johnson at right back when we have Kelly. To be fair, Johnson has not had a great season at all. The problem with Glen is that he is great going forward but his defensive capabilities are to be questioned at times. And one of the reasons I blame Glen’s poor form this season is because of his new hairstyle! The guy is spending more time touching and tucking in his hair than actually defending!

Yes, Kelly is young and may not have the experience that Johnson has but after yesterdays performance, I think Kelly should be given more chances and I hope this stands as a wake up call to Johnson that he has stiff competition now. There is no doubting that on his day, Johnson is one of the finest right backs in the game today but we have not seen many days like that of late.

Who should be our right back: Glen Johnson or Martin Kelly?

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10 responses to “Who needs Glen Johnson when we have Martin Kelly?”

  1. Rick says:

    Very good point, and I’m totally agree with your views: Martin has better defensive skills than Glen.
    And He’s a local, He’s one of us..

  2. stavros says:

    Glen Johnson is way better than Kelly.Kelly might be a young player but Johnson is way better than him.i would take Johnson as a right back than Kelly anyday.

  3. alex says:

    we need to put kelly as a rb johnson as a right winger and put kuyt with torres!!! also lucas is great, he is worth waiting!!!

  4. Larry says:

    I was thinking the same about his hair. Fool should cut it all off and concentrate on football.

  5. Elson says:

    I totally agreed johnson spend too much time adjusting his hair plus he put on wt. Sometimes reaction a bit off pace. Come on Kelly show johnson u r better. Keep it up!

  6. paul bishop says:

    nearly agree wiv everythng u say there alex but no way lucas wud replace him a.s.a.p. gerrard needs a gud defensive midfielder so he can drive forward and if we get 2 quick wingers then we can b a match 4 any1 even on there day dnt get me wrong gr8 result against chelsea but they were awful and had 3 important players missing but like i said 2 wingers and a def mid and we b a match 4 any team

  7. Name1892 says:

    Kelly should be our right back and Johnson our right winger.
    We really should concentrate our effort correcting our left back problem instead and start looking for someone capable at left back. Konchesky is our weak point !

  8. Ron says:

    It would be interesting to see how we play with Kelly at right back and Johnson as a ‘right winger’. I think that is something Roy should def try especially if we playing at home.

  9. Dacey says:

    That depends upon the choice.Yeah that’s true that most of the people like Martin Kelly but that’s not right that nobody wants Glen Johnson and i think one should be not so over confident