Date: 22nd October 2010 at 7:32am
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Imagine this, seeing Wayne Rooney touching the “This Is Anfield” sign before a game and running onto the Anfield turf with the Kop chanting has name as Rooney stars for Liverpool against Manchester United wearing the famous number 9 shirt.
On the other hand you have Fernando Torres wearing the Manchester United kit getting ready to take on his old team at Anfield.
Okay.. Let me wake up from that nightmare right now!

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But look at it this way, Rooney has made it clear that he wants to leave Manchester United as the team lack ambition. I had a good laugh when I heard that. So Rooney will not be signing a new contract at United and he is now in the hunt for a new team. There is talk that he could go to Real Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester City. Realistically I see him going to Real Madrid.
There is no talk at all of him coming to Liverpool and I do not think there ever will be. I can never see Rooney playing for Liverpool especially since he has played for two of our biggest rivals in Everton and United.

But now on the other hand, there is talk of our own Fernando Torres leaving Liverpool and potentially going to United. This would be a disaster if it were to happen. I hope Torres loves Liverpool enough to never play for United but then again in the football world we live in today and with all the money floating around, it would not surprise me if he does go. One can not really blame Torres for wanting to leave. He wants to win titles and trophies and those seem a mile away right now at Anfield. But he would be making the wrong move thinking he will get them at United as they are going to be in far worse trouble than we are right now with their mounting debts.

So if this were Football Manager 2011 on my PC, it would be easy to make this transfer: Rooney to Liverpool and Torres to United. It is a win win for both teams as they get two decent strikers. But this is not Football Manager, this is the real world!


3 responses to “Rooney to Liverpool – Torres to Manchester United”

  1. jarad says:

    That is the funniest post i have read all week. it is nice to see some blogs being creative like this and not just giving us your normal round of the day news. keep up the good work.

    P>S Never say never to anything!

  2. Tom says:

    The chances of Torres going to Manure are much greater than Rooney going to Liverpool. We do not want Rooney at Liverpool, I would much rather have Ade Akinbiyi be our no. 9!

  3. j34 says:

    Rooney can go rot!!!!