Date:1st September 2010 at 12:27pm
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I don’t know who of you was watching sky sports last evening. I waited and waited and waited but no striker arrived. We got a left back who should be able to cut it in the prem. But still we don’t have a backup striker. Babel went all the way to London by helicopter but no deal. West ham stuck to their guns and asked for the cash. Plus in any case they probably would have had to pay Babel more than they are paying Cole.

Gomes wanted big baller money. 125000 pounds per week is no joke! For a bench ouen!!!!!

I guess Torres came back to bite us. There is no player in worth buying who would be happy just being a bench ouen. I have more respect for a player who leaves a big club in search for more game time than one who moves to a big club for the money.

Just an aside. I read that Plessis has been sold to Panathainikos and another youngster has also gone that way. El Zhar has been sent to POAK on loan with an option to buy. Vincent Weijl has been been sold as well.
Looks like RH is culling the foreign youngsters in the reserves. I think this is the culmination of the new Prem laws. I hope though that it doesn’t symbolise a reversal of the youth policy we had just started. RH doesn’t have a track record of blooding youth players or of building clubs up. He is much more a coach than a manager. He looks at the 1st team as his job. The rest of the matters are for the club admin. This is a big shift from Rafa who was involved in almost every aspect of the club.

At this stage I don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing. I look at Fergie and he is involved in a lot of what happens at Man U. Then I look at Wenger and he likes to be involved in the playing aspects (the 1st team and the youth teams and transfers). In the rest of Europe you are only a coach and there is a director of football who looks after most of the rest, i.e. transfers, facilities, academies, sponsorships etc.

What are your thoughts on which is the best model for us?

p.s. an interesting thought just crossed my mind as I finished this. Imagine King Kenny as director of football at Liverpool…Like Johan Cruyff was at Barca!