Date: 26th August 2010 at 8:02am
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When it rains it pours at Anfield? With the whole drama surrounding Mascherano wanting to leave Liverpool, now it is suggested that Dirk Kuyt also wants to leave and head to Inter Milan to rejoin Rafa!

Yet again, we do not know what to believe at this stage but what if Dirk really wants to leave? I say he should go if he wants to as long as we get decent money for him. The last thing we want is a player wishing to play for another team. But according to Hodgson, there is no suggestion that Dirk wants to leave and Roy clearly will not let Dirk leave!

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“Dirk Kuyt has not told me that he wants to go,” said Hodgson. “I can only repeat that we have not received an offer from any club for Dirk Kuyt. We don’t welcome an offer. It is very unlikely we could receive any offer from any club now that we would entertain.

“This is obviously something going on behind the scenes, possibly to the manager of Inter. We haven’t received an offer and at this very late stage in the transfer window, it would be remarkably unusual for us to accept an offer for a player that we don’t want to leave for money we don’t need.

“I need the player, I don’t need the money. So I would suggest that, with due respect, if his agent has got serious plans to move him from the club, he should have been working during the last four to five weeks, not in the last three or four days.

“We have not received an offer. When he left the club (Rafa) Benitez signed an agreement that said he would not poach players and, if I am right, that still applies. This is the time of year when agents talk to the mass media.”

What are your thoughts about the potential departure of Dirk Kuyt?


One response to “Now Dirk Kuyt wants to leave Liverpool?”

  1. Tonka says:

    If Rafa made such an agreement then I dont think he would break it. In the last week of the transfer window lots of stories will emerge. Tomorrow it will probably be Gerrard and Torres heading to Chelsea and Lucas to Newry City (a crap Irish League side for those that dont know) lol