Date: 25th August 2010 at 7:18am
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Dear Mrs. Javier Mascherano

I just wanted to say how ungrateful you are. Javier was plucked from the obscurity of West Ham United’s substitutes bench by Liverpool for 18m. Now 3 years down the line you tell us you want to leave because YOU can’t learn English. For GBP30,000 per week, my wife is willing to learn Mandarin.

Get on with it.

Argentinean footballer Javier Mascherano enjoys the water in Miami, Florida on July 9, 2010 where the 26 year old team captain enjoyed his vacation with his wife Fernanda and baby Lola.  Fame Pictures, Inc


One response to “Open Letter to Javier Mascherano’s Mrs.”

  1. MoKo says:

    For GBP30,000 I would send my wife to Barcelona on holiday every weekend. I would BUY her Argentinean friends to hand out with. I would get climate control for the cabin and the cars so that it can be 25 degrees wherever she is.
    What’s strange is that the British summer has been a really nice long one this year. She’s just full of it!

    She’s out!