Date: 15th April 2010 at 7:05am
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I want to win. I want to be the champions. Of England. Of Europe. Of the World. I want them all to fear us. I want a New Anfield. I want the New Kop to be a thing of which others speak in whispers out of reverence for our might and unwavering support for the greatest football club there has ever been. I want our stadiums of the future to be, not buildings, but monuments that illustrate the scale of our success and our ambition. I want our chants on the New Kop to be a chorus sounding to raise us up that we may be saviours of the beautiful game in our cathedral on Anfield. Saving football in showing that this beautiful game is both an art and a craft. The intricacy and flamboyant beauty reinforced by an unflinching and immovable force. The way we were. I want to leave a defeat disappointed not dejected, knowing that adversity will only drive us further forward not hold us back. I want the sign at our new stadium in front of the players as they prepare to go down the tunnel to read “THIS IS STILL ANFIELD”. I want the opposition captain to see the sign and feel the fear of the inevitable. I want “Away to Liverpool” to be a no win game. I want to be hated by most football supporters because we beat everyone. I want Liverpool FC back.

Football - Liverpool v Fulham Barclays Premier League

I want Liverpool FC to build a dynasty that will dominate for a generation fed by the profits of our successes on and off the field and founded solidly enough to navigate the changes in the game that will come in time. We need to build a machine that is invincible against even unforeseen foes! So magnificent in its design and function that all will try to copy it yet fail to live up to the standard we set. So methodical in its excellence that it will spawn natural successors in all facets of the club. New managers will be educated in the Liverpool Way, the elite among them retained for our bootroom while the rest populate our imitators in the hopes of making the grade. Our player development will create players of new types of ability. Players who change not just football games but the game of football itself. Who’s posters will hang on the walls of future footballing legends yet born. Our manner of business will reach levels untested by others. Not setting records in fields already populated by our opponents’ previous successes but creating new categories and measures of success against which no other team can be measured merely because they do not yet know how to do that kind of business. I want our fans to be feared and respected across the globe. I want Liverpool FC back.

I want all this for my team.

I want greatness…I want us to be great.

I want Liverpool FC back.




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  1. Nicely said Moko!