Date: 14th August 2009 at 3:39pm
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I’ve just spent the entire morning on an email thread with Ron and the boys. This is only one of three such “Liverpool email threads” I am on.

Damn it’s hard to pull myself away when everyone’s bashing me because I don’t see why we need to buy a new 20-goal-a-season striker when we are “obviously” well equipped in that position (watch out for a future post on this topic).

I’ve been on this thread since 9am and it’s now 12 noon and that’s the moment when I get that feeling I get before every season. That’s when I realize…


Liverpool Football Club means…

…the first game of football I ever watched…ever!
…delirious happiness at every victory.
…agony and heartache whenever we lose/draw/conceded a dodgy goal/concede any kind of goal.
…that tingling feeling when the boys are lined up in the tunnel ready for action.
…surging excitement as me and the Kop belt out “You Never Walk Alone” over the Champions League anthem.
…rescheduling my weekend because we have an afternoon kickoff on Saturday.
…in the park trying to relive Fowler vs Newcastle
…Istanbul (need I say more)!
…Getting thrown out of a pub in Cape Town for jumping on tables (I blame Jerzy Dudek and that save from Sheva for that incident).
…putting on my Liverpool shirt for the game even when I’ll be watching at home on my own.

Liverpool Football Club means all of this to me and so much more.

What does it mean to you?


2 responses to “What does it mean to you?”

  1. Ron says:

    If ever I needed anything else to get me revved up for the start of the season, you have just given it to me MoKo!!! The getting thrown out of a pub on May 25 2005 in Istanbul is classic coz the same happened to me as I started popping beer bottles as if it were champagne!! I can only image how the scenes would be when we win the league!!

  2. SC says:

    1. Staying up all night praying as the second leg of the Juventus match was played out. Not studying a bit for next day’s exam. Sitting in the exam room in utter unawareness and smiling at moments from the game. Ultimately failing the paper and being forced to repeat it the next year, but no regrets, it was part of the Champions League trophy run-up!
    2. Exhilarated from victory, emptying out my pockets on food and drinks for everyone whenever there’s a big match. It’s worth being broke, all the happiness.
    3. Wearing a Liverpool scarf to Old Trafford and ignoring all who pleaded with me to take it off for fear of hooligans. City won that match, and hence I began the boast that my presence did United in.
    4. Everyone I know is now aware that football fixtures are MUCH more important than social engagements.
    Then there’s the whole thing where I predicted the 4-1 on Sept 13 four three months in advance, but that’s another story 😀