Date: 11th August 2009 at 2:53pm
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It is to my understanding that Carlsberg may no longer be sponsoring our shirts at the end of this coming season after 17 years. I just can not picture us wearing a new kit with a different sponsor on the front. We have been one of the very few clubs in the Premiership to retain our shirt sponsor for so long. But I guess in this day and age when it is all about money, we need someone willing to pay more to have their name splashed out across our famous red shirt.

Reports suggest that Standard Chartered are set to take over from Carlsberg in 2010 as Carlsberg can not meet the amount we are demanding from them. It is said that Standard Chartered are willing to pay £15million a year for the sponsorship which is double what Carlsberg were paying. Yet again, I think the new management of the club has to be commended for this as it will give us more cash and hopefully that cash can go into strengthening the squad.

Looking back at our sponsors in the past, we had Hitachi then Crown Paints, then Candy which I will never forget as my first ever Liverpool shirt was the red Candy home strip. After Candy is was then Carlsberg. We have not won the league wearing Carlsberg and if this is their last season to sponsor us then surely we should win the title for Carlsberg!


2 responses to “Life without Carlsberg. Let’s win it for them!”

  1. Stephen says:

    About time they got a new sponsor. Should of made this kind of deal ages ago. They have served us well but we need to be picking up decent money and not pocket money from sponsors.

  2. How sad that would be as their branding is so recognisable overe here in the UK…and I drink bucketlaods of their golden nectar. Oh well maybe the new deal will bring bigger investement?