Date: 30th July 2009 at 9:48am
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I had hoped that it would not go this far but reports this morning say that Xabi Alonso has handed in a written transfer request to Liverpool as he seeks to move to Real Madrid. This is it I guess! Rafa now has no choice but to sell Alonso as clearly the player does not want to play for us anymore. The question now is, “How much are we going to get for Alonso?”

We had wanted £30m for Alonso but Real have refused to pay that. So now that Alonso has handed in his request, the ball is firmly in Madrid’s court as whatever they offer us we may be forced to accept as we just have to get rid of Alonso. There is suggestion that Real have agreed to pay us £27.5m which I would take without thinking twice now.

Alonso himself had hoped that this saga would not go this far as he had hoped the two teams would agree on a fee without him having to publicly come out and hand in a transfer request. I personally do not know what to make of this. I did not want Alonso to go but the fact that he wants to leave makes me feel gutted. We are going to loose a great player but hopefully we can sign someone else similar to him with the cash we get. Let us not jump to conclusions just yet until this deal is signed, sealed and delivered.


6 responses to “Xabi Alonso hands in transfer request”

  1. elias330 says:

    Well i think even if he stayed with us for another season it would be like a C.Ronaldo thing almost guaranteed to move next season so better now than to have someone on the field who does not want to be there, we need to look for a replacement who can fit into Alonso’s position asap,i know Aquilani has been rumoured to come to Liverpool but in my opinion i just dont think he would make the cut in the premier league, latest person was Lee Cattermole , i wont even comment on him just ignore that name, we need someone with experience, we should throw in a shock bid for Pirlo, like i said this is just my opinion so im open for critiscm i dont mind that.

    • Ron says:

      I agree with you Elias, it is better Alonso goes now but I still believe that even if we ‘forced’ him to stay he would still have to play out of his skin for us because it is a World Cup year and he has to play well if he wants to start for Spain. But I have given up on the thought of him staying so we now have to look at a replacement.

      Aquilani would be my preferred choice but i am not sure if we can get him or not. As for Cattermole…that would be going a step backwards signing him. Pirlo would be the perfect signing but i can not see him leaving Milan. I gather Chelsea made a bid for him and it was rejected.

  2. elias330 says:

    i was just watching the Bayern Munich vs Ac milan game , and had a look at Ronaldinho, he was giving some great long balls i think if we had to bid for him we could have got him and because of his lack of pace im sure he would have fitted in just fine in place of Alonso and he would have been perfect to throw up front if Torres was to be injured and then for that period of time Lucas could fill in the gap in the midfield.

    • Ron says:

      I used to be a great fan of Ronaldinho but I think he is past his ‘best before date’. He may still have all the skill and moves but I doubt he would cut it with the pace of the Premiership as this stage in his career. Added to that, I don’t think Rafa would want his big ego in the dressing room. Nice thought though Elias but Ronaldinho….no thanks.

  3. hoodia says:

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