Date: 17th July 2009 at 7:31am
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We all know someone, friend family or foe who has hurt their back/damaged their spine and never been the same since. Well now we have that problem. If Gerrard is the heart of our team then Alonso and Mascherano are the spine that without BOTH of them we will surrender the middle of the pitch to everyone!

Sports News - November 27, 2008

Now hear me out, I feel that we are 1 maybe 2 signings away from winning the league and I truly mean that. At last Benitez has 8 world class players that should always be on the starting line up: Reina, Johnson, Agger Carragher, Mascherano, Alonso, Gerrard, Torres and 5 quality first team players of Kuyt, Skrtel, Benayoun, Reira, Insua (who should be left back next season), then the class of “could do better” of Lucas, Babel and Voronin. If all stay fit and Benitez doesn’t play spin the bottle on the team sheet then we will win it………………..IF we can hold onto Alonso and Mascherano.

Alonso is courted by Madrid, Mascherano by Barca and you can understand why they would both be interested but we need to offer them something that they can’t, a place in history.
We heard Benitez in the press conference last week about both having good contracts and they should honour their contracts as Liverpool took the chance and developed their careers. Not the best pep talk in the world after the Alonso/Barry fiasco last year and also considering the tax in Spain is 30% and not the 50% for them in the UK, but this season we must stop the Manc’s from the 19th title.

You take away one you might as well break the team up and start again because they are the spine that allows our team to pass and move. So how do your cure a bad back when you can’t offer the pain relief (wage’s), you offer them something that no-one else can – belief!

If they stay for one season and we win the league then they will believe, believe that they are part of something, the next generation of Liverpool FC!

So Rafa, if you are reading this, show them belief and keep them for one year, hell do the Ronaldo deal of agreeing a ridiculous fee with Alonso/Real for the 1st of July 2010 because if we keep them and they win, then they will never want to leave!


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  1. Ron says:

    I am hearing that Mascherano has met up with the rest of the team in Switzerland now and I am sure he is going to have a long chat with Rafa about the future. I hope Rafa convinces him to stay for atleast one more season. I think I can stomach us loosing Alonso but Masch would be a huge loss. The next couple of days are going to be critical as Alonso is meant to meet up with the team on Sunday so I wonder if he will be on the plane to Thailand. If he is, I am pretty sure he will stay.