Date: 16th July 2009 at 8:41am
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Dear Lucas,

I hope I find you well and that you are enjoying your time away in Switzerland for the pre-season training. It is great to see some football action again as life is never the same without football. The reason I write this letter to you is so that I can try reach out to you before the season starts. I am sure you are aware with all the hype surrounding Xabi Alonso leaving us this summer. You may have a clearer picture on what is going on but from what I can see, it looks like Xabi will be leaving us this summer. I am not too sure how you feel about Xabi leaving. You probably will be sad to see him go as he is a fine player for us but then again, his departure could open up the door for you and you could finally establish yourself as a Liverpool regular.

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I will not lie to you, you are not my biggest fan. I think what disappoints me the most about you is that when we signed you, I stood at the top of the world and told everyone how great a player you were and how you are going to be an Anfield legend. Your CV was impressive, I mean, who would doubt someone who was named Brazilian player of the year? I even watched footage of you when you were still at Gremio and I was highly impressed. But for some reason you have just not replicated that form for us and as a result you have even dropped down the pecking order for the Brazil national team.

Some have said that you have taken a while to settle into life in England but you have been around for a while now so that should not be an excuse. Some say you have not gotten a long consistent run in the team, fair enough, but you have been given your opportunities as Rafa has stuck by you, you have just not shown us and Rafa how good you are and thus he drops you. Maybe now if Xabi leaves you will get all the game time you need and finally proven to us that you can deliver the goods.

I just want to reach out to you and ask you to please finally deliver for us this season. I believe that you have talent in abundance and that you can be a star for us and maybe even be better than Alonso. I know a lot of fans are not behind you but please prove them wrong this coming season. I do not only want to see you establish yourself as a regular for us but I also want to see you in the Brazil national team that will be coming to South Africa in the World Cup.

Please please please Lucas, make us proud this season. I know you can do it.



4 responses to “Letter to Lucas”

  1. romeo baidoo says:

    I think Rafa should consider Samuel Etoo and one or two good midfielders.

  2. Shaybo says:

    He is not your biggest fan, eh?

  3. Kava says:

    haha. Not your biggest fan!! Nice.