Date: 15th July 2009 at 7:23am
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I was going through the pictures of our pre-season training in Switzerland and I saw images of Andriy Voronin! I had totally forgotten that he existed! I had hoped that after his spell at Hertha Berlin last season that he would have made his move a permanent one. I am not the biggest fan of Voronin at all, infact I am not a fan. He just did not deliver for us when we signed him and as a result, Rafa shipped him off to Germany on loan. If Hertha had qualified for the Champions League then I am sure Voronin would have stayed there. But alas he is back at Liverpool and still wearing the number 10 shirt!

Sports News - February 14, 2009

It does not look like he will be leaving so I guess we are stuck with him! I just hope that he steps up this season and delivers the goals. He could just be the person we need to lead the line upfront when Torres is injured or rested. I would be more than happy if he can give us the kind of return he gave for Hertha Berlin: 11 goals in 20 games. That would actually be an amazing return.

Voronin could just save us millions from signing a new striker if he starts to deliver for us. What are your thought on Voronin?


2 responses to “Who needs a new striker when we have Andriy Voronin?”

  1. Eric says:

    I think that Voronin is a good player. He is not a world class player, but he knows how to hold the ball.In my opinion, he won’t be able to lead us to the title. I saw him the whole season at Hertha Berlin. He scored 11 goals in 20 matches and played great. But at Berlin, he was the star of the team and he scored goals against bad teams. He will not be able to be as successful in England as in Germany.
    But who do we have? Ngog, a young talent. He is a good plaer, but not good enough to really improve us. He is a substitute, but not more.
    So we have two good players, but no second top striker.
    Voronin is important because he could be a possible alternative against clubs like Stoke, Hull, etc…

    I think Liverpool reach hos 19th title wi, but only with 1 or 2 new signings. Xabi will possibly leave. So we need a world-class midfielder, so that Gerrard can play up in front with Torres. But who could we buy? I think Cambiasso is a great player who could sign for us. Aquilani is also a good player and Roma needs money. So he could be signed, but he won’t replace the great Xabi.
    What about long term target David Silva? I think he is really great and could fit into LFC’s squad.
    I would really love a swap with sneijder or robben. both playes a great and we have dutch players like Kuyt and Babel. Real wants Xabi, so Rafa, don’t be stupid and make players part of the deal!!

    The second new-signing, should be a striker. We really need a good striker. Don’t be mean, Rafa. We are interested in Negredo,Pandev and Vucinic. I don’t know if they could really improve our squad. I would love to see players like ‘Kun’ Aguero, Forlan, or Eto’o. I know they are really expemsive. But ManU and Chelsea also try to sign players like them, so if we want to win the title we need only one new striker if we won’t sell Xabi or Masch.
    We have the opportunity, so LFC, react!!


  2. DogDilbert says:

    I dont think Voronin will be successful at Liverpool for a few reasons. One, the Bundesliga is crap compared to the EPL. Their best team, except for the last season, has been Bayern Munich, who have yet to make any significant impact in the Champions League. The Bundesliga just does not have the quality of players that the EPL has. Also, he doesn’t have enough pace for the English game. i feel that a striker must have a decent amount of pace to play against the versatile and athletic defenses in England. Hopefully, he can prove me wrong.