Date: 10th July 2009 at 7:05am
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It is the transfer silly season and one will right virtually anything to sell a newspaper or drive traffic to their website. I came across a story in the Belfast Telegraph this morning that suggested that Franck Ribery could be on his way to Liverpool this summer. Obviously I laughed this off and I searched for any other websites or newspapers that may be running this story and so far no one else has hinted at this possible transfer. I found their reasoning for this transfer to be interesting: they say that a betting company which slashed the odds of Owen’s transfer to Manchester United before the deal was done have now also slashed the odds of Ribery joining Liverpool from 66/1 to 8/13! So in essence they are saying they have insider knowledge about the transfer market!


As much as I would love to see Ribery come to Liverpool, I seriously doubt it will happen. My odds for this move would be 1 000/1! Ribery is one of the hottest properties on the market now and Real Madrid have not bought him yet, although they want to. Then you have the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United who also want him. Why I feel we stand no chance in getting him is simple: we do not have the money to buy him. Ribery will not be sold for anything less than £40m and where would we get that???

It would be a mouthwatering prospect though having Ribery, Gerrard and Torres on the same team. That is the kind of attack force we need to win us the title. And in all fairness, a club like ours should be making signings such as Ribery!


2 responses to “Franck Ribery to Liverpool?”

  1. dave says:

    Can i have £20 on the 1000 to one your offering. As i think thats worth a punt with the sale of a certain baseball team. And a certain investor having to buy support back with the supporters. We will see. But who would have thought Owen to utd.

  2. Can’t see it ever happening and we can’t afford him, sadly. But I reckon Rafa has a surprise up hi sleeve. Keep hearing about Wesley Sneijder from Real Madrid as part of a package. If memory serves me right he did well for Holland and most of the play centered around him.

    It will also give Babel much a needed kick up the arse, hopefully…