Date: 4th July 2009 at 4:00pm
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I am not sure whether to be shocked, or to laugh at the news that Michael Owen has signed for Manchester United. I am shocked in the sense that I can not believe United would resort to buying a ‘has been’ player with all the millions they have from selling Ronaldo. The reason I would laugh is that no one else in the Premiership seemed to want to buy Owen except for United. Owen had to put together a brochure to market himself and I think Sir Alex liked what he saw in this brochure!

Since when have you ever heard of a player who has to market himself like a piece of furniture in a brochure so that a club would sign him? Michael Owen has really sunk low! Here is a player we loved at Liverpool. He scored the goals for us and became a huge Kop favourite. He arguably has one of the best ever World Cup goals with his strike against Argentina and having done all of that you now have to market yourself with a brochure???

Word is that Owen really wanted to come back to Liverpool but Rafa did not seem to keen on the idea so thus Owen had to settle for United. With all his injury problems I wonder how many games he will actually play for United and if Sir Alex will even rely on Owen to play in the big games or he is going to spend most of his time on the bench and playing in the Carling Cup?

If Owen really wants to get back into the England World Cup team then he has to be playing regular football which I doubt he will get at United. Maybe if he had gone to Hull or Stoke then he would be ‘the main man’ and be in the spotlight again.

Well what’s done is done and we will await to see what kind of a reaction Owen gets when he returns to Anfield wearing a United shirt!


One response to “Michael Owen signs for United”

  1. Joe says:

    Sad to see Owen has resorted to going to manure. He is not going to make it there. He should never had run away to Real Madrid in the first place and stayed with us. He could probably be our all time record goal scorer by now and remained fit.