Date: 20th June 2009 at 7:08am
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It is looking more likely that Mascherano could be on his way out of Liverpool this summer as the reports suggest that his wife is not happy with life in England. I guess if your wife is not happy you have to think about your family first and then football comes second. I do not believe that Mascherano would want to leave Liverpool on his own free will but he may have to if his wife does not want to come back to England. This could mean that Mascherano could end up joining Barcelona this summer. Now how much would we sell him for?

Rafa had said that not even £50m would be enough to take Mascherano from Liverpool but I do not see Barcelona willing to pay that much for him. Mascherano is the best defensive midfielder in the world so he would have to command a fairly high price tag. I was reading a report this morning that suggests that Barcelona could offer us £20m plus Bojan Krkic.

Sports News - January 30, 2009

Now when I saw this I thought that this could be good business for us. We could certainly do with the £20m cash and I believe that Bojan is a great prospect and would be the perfect substitute for Torres. That would mean we would no longer need to go shopping for another striker and we could use the £20m from the deal to try and get a replacement for Mascherano. I can not think of anyone right now who would be a straight like for like replacement for Mascherano, that is just how good the guy is. If it were up to me, I would be bold and say that Jay Spearing should replace Mascherano. That way we would not need to spend a cent to get a replacement and use the cash for other positions. Maybe the cash could be used to land David Silva and maybe another central defensive midfielder with a bit more experience than Spearing.

What do you think?


5 responses to “Bojan Krkic and £20m for Mascherano?”

  1. Lfcfan says:

    Bojan is a great forward, i have seen him play for barcalona and he is really great. I mean he has already scored 13 goals for barcelona, and he is just 18. Tbh i’d sell mashcherano, for the simple reason, he hasn’t came out and said he wants to stay, we shouldn’t get into the Manc-Ronaldo situation battling to keep him when he clearly doesn’t want to stay.
    I mean Bojan is valued at 15 Million, i think that is quite amazing for an 18 year old, and we are getting him for basically nothing? I’d happily welcome him to liverpool, Mascherano is replaceable, and we could find one with 20 million+, also we don’t need to shop for a striker.

    Bojan to Liverpool

  2. Mr Butter says:

    The idea of this happening fills me with such hope. Bojan has all the possibility of being the next Messi; if he comes and works well with Torres methinks we’ll have something truely special. If we can use the money to grab someone like Lorik Cana for the DM role we’ll be nigh on complete, bar the ongoing urge to have David Silva where he belongs.

  3. KaT says:

    get bojan and sale mach is a gud idea…bojan can b improve well in future (i guess)

  4. harry says:

    no way i don’t think we should sell mascherano for 20mill + bojan i would if would could get cambiasso for sure and say to barca 30mill + bojan then you got a deal pep

  5. cameron says:

    20 mil bojan and someone else then i would atcept