Date: 18th June 2009 at 7:28am
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I hate these football agents!! It is reported that Mascherano’s agent spoke to Barcelona officials yesterday to hear them out about personal terms if Mascherano were to join Barcelona this summer. Now what is worrying me is that Mascherano’s agent could not just go and hold talks without getting the permission from Javier himself. So maybe Javier wants to leave and go to Barcelona. I will always be the first to say that if a player wants to leave and play for another team then let them go! There is no point having a player who does not want to play for you. Just ask Manchester United and Ronaldo about that!

Manchester United v Liverpool

I am sure there is not a single one of us who would want Mascherano to leave. Rafa certainly does not want to him to go as he came out and said that we would not sell Mascherano even if Barca offered us 50 million pounds. There are very few players, if any, who are better than Mascherano in the holding midfield position. In the reports, they are suggesting that Barcelona would give us Yaya Toure as part of the deal to take Mascherano to the Nou Camp. Yaya is not a bad player at all but he is not in the class of Mascherano.

What do you make of this Mascherano drama?


2 responses to “Mascherano’s agent talks to Barcelona”

  1. Adam says:

    You comment on hating these reports and then jump to the conclusion that javier wants to leave himself. that is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. you are merely fuelling the reports.

  2. Joe says:

    Why do i have the gut feeling that Mascherano wants to leave? If he didnt then surely he would have come out by now and quashed all these reports.

    Well if he leaves i dont think we need Yaya, Jay Spearing should take over.