Date: 8th June 2009 at 9:16am
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In the past few days I have been really dejected about Liverpool and our summer transfer plans after hearing that Rafa may not get the money he needs to spend in the summer because of our financial crisis. But still that news has not stopped the transfer speculation going on with some reports saying that even with the bad financial crisis at Anfield, we will still be able to spend money in the transfer market this summer. A name this is making the rounds is that of Ezequiel Lavezzi from Napoli. Apparently we have already made a 20 million pound bid for the 24 year old Argentinian striker and that has been turned down by Napoli.

Sports News - January 19, 2009

I will be honest, I had not heard of this guy before he started to be linked to us. All I have heard is that he is an idol at Napoli and Juventus and Manchester City are also after his signature. It is said that Lavezzi is a striker but can also play on the wings. I am sure this versatility is what Rafa was attracted to. If he can find the back of the net for us when Torres is out then he is what we need. If he can unlock defences with his skill then that is also good.
The fact that he is a full Argentina international bodes well but then again we will not know how well he will do in the Premiership. All too often players are stars in other leagues and then they are average in the Premiership. It would be a huge gamble to take on Lavezzi.

I am not too sure about us spending 20 million pounds on this guy, but he could turn out to be another Torres, who knows. But I guess Rafa knows a lot more about Lavezzi than we do and if he is willing to spend so much money on him then he has to be something special. Could Lavezzi be the big summer signing Rafa wants to make? Let us wait and see.


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  1. Steve Kemp says:

    You keep mentioning the financial crisis and how it affects our summer transfer plans. What you have to realize is that the owners have known about this for awhile. it is not as if a 42 million pound deficit was dropped in front of their home one morning. They knew about the losses weeks in advance and in light of it, they still offered Rafa 30 million in spending. I am not worried about our money situaiton. I am just upset at how inflated player’s transfer fees are getting. Torres was for 26 and now it seems as if any decent player is now above 30. ridic. i am a firm believer in selling masch to barca and throwing in 10-20 million for eto’o.

    • Ron says:

      I am not a huge fan of Eto’o simply because of his attitude. we have seen him so many times throw his toys at Barcelona because he is dropped or subbed off. Now with the way Rafa loves to rotate things, I could see Eto’o not liking this and thus causing a lot of dressing room problems.

      I would not like to see us loose Mascherano, we do not have that sort of player to replace him with, Maybe Jay Spearing but he is still has a lot to learn.

      But I agree with you Steve that player prices have just become ridiculous now!!

  2. Kava says:

    This Lavezzi kid has too many “ifs” attached to his name. Now is not the time for Liverpool to take gambles, especially if we are to take that crucial one step to becoming EPL champions again.

    What we need is an established hitman that will strike fear into our opponents just from the fact that we signed him. Eto’o or Tevez would be ideal names. Unknown factors like this kid are not going to do that.

    Eto’o is reportedly willing to be let go for “only” 25mil. Thats a bargain for a player of his quality and I believe that despite all the doom and gloom reports these papers are spewing about our finances, we can afford him and his wages.

    I don’t think he would be a victim of rotation either!

    • Ron says:

      Yep, it looks like it Steve. Was never to confident about signing him. Thank you for clearing it up with us Rafa that you do not want to sign him.

  3. JamesD says:

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