Date: 2nd June 2009 at 7:42pm
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This may be a piece of news that is about an Aston Villa player signing for Manchester City but it kinda affects us in a way. It is no secret that Liverpool wanted to sign Gareth Barry last summer but the deal did not happen. It was thought that maybe Barry would join us this summer but now I have just read that he has signed for Manchester City for 12 million pounds and I am sure he will be one one huge salary!

Football - Aston Villa v Hull City Barclays Premier League

What is funny is that Barry always said that he would only leave Aston Villa to go and play for a team in the Champions League. Well in case someone did not tell him, Manchester City is not in the Champions League! The only explanation I can see here is that Barry was offered a huge pay cheque that he could not turn down.

From our point of view, it is now clear that Barry will not be a Liverpool player and I hope this evening Rafa is not phased by this. I hope this transfer means that Rafa is very confident that Xabi Alonso will stay with us. If Alonso were to leave, Barry would have been the player Rafa would have wanted to sign to replace him. We are not sure if Rafa tried to sign Barry today in a bid to stop him from going to City, I am sure we will find this out in the morning. I am happy that Barry has gone to City….If it only means that Alonso is a certainty to stay with us.


One response to “Gareth Barry signs for Manchester City”

  1. LFC says:

    Thank god. I’m sick of hearing about this subpar player. Let him go to a mediocre club and disappear like Robinho has done.