Date: 23rd May 2009 at 7:24pm
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Just a few quick thoughts on priorities for the offseason.

1.  Yes, I think we can all agree that a suitable partner / replacement for Torres is a must.

As we’ve read and heard nearly everywhere lately the Mancs can toss in their offensive pairing of choice more often than not while we’re forced to push the likes of N’gog and El Zhar into the spotlight which is probably not the level they are at just yet.

I think this is the place to put the majority of our financial muscle.  We need folks that can put the ball in the net.  How many times can we watch poor first touches, scuffed shots and poor passes slow and thwart our attacks, especially from the wide places?   You get what you pay for most often when it comes to that special level of class so let’s not skimp.

2.  Can we also all agree that Gareth Barry is not the most important signing of the offseason?

His main quality as far as I can see is his habit of funneling the ball to Stevie when the two are together on the pitch.  Unfortunately for us, our captain is most often heavily marked and is forced to make moments out of what space he can.  This isn’t to say it’s not a good linkup for us, I think it would work wonders against lesser opposition, but let’s not put 3 more months and 18 million quid into this fella again.  There are more important matters at hand.

3.  It’s time to start thinking about it……Sami’s Exit and Carra’s impending retirement

As to the second point, I know it’s not imminent, but in another two seasons this will be smack in our face.  Agger and Skrtel are both able center halves and worthy of their places in the squad, but as we all know there is strength in depth, and that depth is exactly what we’ll need in our challenge to win on all fronts in the years to come.   Now with Big Sami making his farewells, it’s time to find his replacement and with his position being such an important one, I think it’s best to find a younger option who will grow and peak with this team as it’s being built to do.

This seems to be Rafa’s specialty, finding cheap young center backs primed to excel in English football.  Here’s hoping he can repeat that success again.

4.  It’s about damn time Rafa got control of his transfer policy.

If he is who we believe best to devise and execute both our selection and tactical decisions, then how could we believe any less when it comes to knowing how best to fill the positions he himself is creating for us?

This only makes sense, as he just like anyone must be allowed to sink or swim on his own merit.  At the very least it has streamlined our process of player acquisition such that we can be more fluid in our actions as situations dictate.  That can only be a good things going forward.



One response to “Retool Time”

  1. Ron says:

    I def agree with you Ben that we need another striker. I think if we can get Tevez we will be on our way. Whether we have the money to buy him or not is another question. I also feel that keeping Alonso is far more important than trying to buy Barry. If we had money I would not mind us getting Barry but as long as Alonso stays. As for the defenders, we also have to start looking for a quality young centre back to fill in for Sami. I just wish we had money!!!!