Date: 6th April 2009 at 6:13am
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I normally do not like talking about other teams but yesterday I was pissed off with Aston Villa!! They could have done us a huge favour by beating United or even holding on for the draw but instead they go and loose the game! When I saw United’s starting eleven I knew that this side could concede goals. Seriously, Gary Neville and Evans at centre back! Torres and Gerrard would have had a field day if they were up against those two. And then Fletcher and Carrick in the middle of the field, what a soft midfield.

Villa could have taken United to the cleaners but as is the problem with all team that go to Old Trafford, they are afraid to attack United and would rather sit back and hold onto what they have. You do not let United attack you because they will end up scoring just like that Macheda guy did. Villa are a team in free fall. After such a brilliant start they now will not even qualify for the Champions League. They needed to walk away with something from Old Trafford yesterday, not only for their sake but for our sake too.

But it is okay, the race is still on for the title. We just have to win all our games and I am sure United are going to slip up along the way.


One response to “Aston Villa should be relegated!”

  1. JHoff says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, i was watching the match with a Manc Fan and everytime he screamed after United scored, I wanted to slap him in the face.