Date: 13th March 2009 at 1:07pm
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Wayne Rooney came out and said “I’ve always hated Liverpool and that’s not changed.” Well Wayne, I do not think a single Liverpool fans like you too. It is understandable why you hate us so much, after all he is born and bread Evertonian. Luckily for him he got to transfer to Manchester United otherwise he would still be stuck at Everton and not winning anything. I doubt he would be coming out and making these ‘hate’ comments if he were still at Everton.

SOCCER: MAR 07 FA Cup - Quarter Final - Fulham v Manchester United

Rooney has just added spice to tomorrows game at Old Trafford. I am sure he is going to get booed by Liverpool fans everytime he touches the ball. Pitty the game is not at Anfield then he would have gotten a real ear-full.

I can not wait to see Carragher’s first tackle on Rooney tomorrow. Worse still will be Gerrard’s tackle on Wayne. The two may be England team mates but I think all that will be forgotten tomorrow. If the lads needed anything extra to fire them up for tomorrow then Rooney’s comments would have done that.


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  1. Alfred says:

    rooney………is nothing without MU