Date: 12th March 2009 at 8:23am
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Now that this round is complete and we know the teams that will be in the hat for the Quarter Final draw next week, Friday 20 March, for the Champions League, who would you want us to face in the Quarter Finals: Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Porto or Villarreal?

At this stage there is no such thing as an easy draw but surely it would be ‘easier’ for us to face Porto or Villarreal as I feel they are the weaker of the teams left. Yet again it will be critical in the draw if we are able to play the second leg at Anfield.

I have been reading today that Frank Lampard is hoping that Chelsea do not draw Liverpool again. We have played Chelsea quite a bit already in the past couple of seasons and we have had the upper hand against them so thus I will not be worried if we draw Chelsea again. I would also not be disappointed if we get Arsenal as I feel we are a much better team than them.

I do not want to face United or Barcelona at this stage, maybe in the semi’s or the final.

Who would you want to face in the Quarters?


6 responses to “Who do you want in the next round?”

  1. Tonka says:

    They say there are no easy games but you would have to fancy your chances against Porto or Villarreal. Of the Premiership sides i would have no problem in getting The Gunners. The team nobody is talking about is Bayern Munich they are sort of flying under the radar at the moment as every talks about ManU and Barca. They are making a bit of a comeback in their national league and have plenty of great players like Ribery and Klosse up front to name but two. 12-1 agg win in the last round says a lot as well.

  2. Kava says:

    You know what, Give me Man United in the next round. It would go some way to crushing their confidence if we beat them at Old Trafford on Saturday then over 2 legs in the next round. It would shake up the rest of the season if we have a psychological edge over them.

  3. Sturon says:

    I think all of the above teams would be dreading drawing us in the next round because of our strength in Europe .Forget our domestic form , in Europe we are regarded as a whole different ball game as Real found out to their cost ! Even Ferguson would want to avoid us cos he wants that 3rd trophy to equal our own Bob Paisley ….how ironic and satisfying would that be if we killed off his chances !! lol
    United are getting far to close to our records ….

  4. Paul Grech says:

    Bayern Munich so that Benitez gets to show Hicks and Gillet just why he is better than Klinsmann.

  5. ddawg says:

    I would want to face united, barca, or bayern munich. Come on lads, we beat madrid, let’s fancy a decent opponent this round

  6. torres says:

    i want barcelona as they hav never beaten us over the 2 legs in champions leuge history