Date: 12th March 2009 at 8:09am
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You may call me biased but I think we have the best goalkeeper in the world with Pepe Reina. Some may say that it is Buffon or Casillas but for my Pepe takes the cup. What is interesting to note is that even with all of Pepe’s brilliant performances in the Red shirt over the last couple of seasons, he is still Spain’s second choice goalkeeper behind Casillas. Now I am not taking anything away from Casillas, especially after his heroics against us on Tuesday night but surely the Spanish selectors should give Pepe a chance to be Spain’s number one. It is more difficult for Pepe now that Casillas is Spain’s captain. But I also believe that Pepe is a better leader than Casillas. Reina is always talking to the players on the field and is full of energy whereas Casillas is rather reserved and does not say much.

Arsenal v Liverpool, FA Premier League

If Pepe were to stay at Anfield for the rest of his career he would be the Liverpool captain one day without a doubt. Another reason I think Pepe may not be getting the vote for the Spanish national team is because he is playing for Liverpool. If Pepe was the goalkeeper for Barcelona, I believe he may stand a better chance of displacing Casillas.

In my eyes, we have the best goalkeeper in the world!


2 responses to “Is Pepe Reina the best goalkeeper in the world?”

  1. Tonka says:

    I hate to say it but I bet if you looked at the top clubs in the world Van Der Sar would have one of the best records. However keepers are only as good as the defenders playing in front of him who can go a long way in making him look good so Vidic, Evra and Ferdinand have had a lot of influence on net-minding stats.

    Reina is a fine keeper but best in the world? Very hard to say as there is quite a few and it’s a hard position to play. A defender can make quite a few mistakes and it won’t matter but 9 out if 10 times a bad mistake by a keeper gives a goal away so they are really only as good as their last game.

  2. Kava says:

    Reina is a brilliant keeper but I think Casillas is rightfully Spain’s number one. I’m a fan of Madrid as well and I’ve seen how he carries his defence and keeps Madrid in the game on so many occasions. I dont think he’s reserved at all. He may have been that way on Tuesday simply coz Liverpool was shafting Madrid’s defence and the whole team just couldnt cope.

    The saves he produced in the first 5 minutes were world-class. For me he is the world’s best. Reina is definately top-five.