Date:27th February 2009 at 8:39am
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This has been the story making the papers this morning! I do not think I have gone through a season like this when Liverpool have been dominating the backpages. We are always making the headlines for one reason or the other and most of the time it is not for our on field performances. Now today it is all about the ‘possibility’ of Jose Mourinho being ‘asked’ if he would be interested in the Liverpool job if Rafa was going to quit.

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Now Rafa has come out and said that he is not ready to quit. We can only be 100% sure about this when he signs the new contract. But these Mourinho reports got me thinking this morning: would we really want Mourinho to take over if Rafa were to leave us?

I am not too sure if I would want Jose to be at the helm at Anfield. We just have too much bad blood with him since his days at Chelsea. Granted the guy is a brilliant coach and has bought success to Porto, Chelsea and Inter. From a pure footballing perspective, I have no problems with Mourinho as the coach but whether he is the right man for the Anfield job is questionable.

You also have to ask yourself if he himself would want the Liverpool job. He seems to be in love with Chelsea and why would we want a guy who loves one of our biggest rivals to lead us to success.

I just wonder if us as Liverpool fans would welcome Mourinho with open arms, would you?