Date: 10th February 2009 at 9:32am
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There are suggestions in the papers today that Barcelona may be lining up a summer move for our Fernando Torres. At first thought, I laughed this idea off. There is no way I see us selling Torres, it would be like selling the heart beat of the team. They are saying that with the financial pressure we are under, we may be forced to sell a player like Torres so we can balance the books. I am also not sure if Torres himself would want to play for Barcelona having been a Madrid boy.

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Barcelona may actually be on the hunt for a striker come the summer as Henry is aging and Eto’o has not signed a new contract yet and his current deal runs out in 2010 so they may decide to cash in on him this summer rather than loosing him for nothing. If that is the case and Barcelona are not keen to keep Henry, I would not be disappointed at all if Rafa makes a move to sign Henry in the summer, as long as Torres is staying.

I feel Henry would understand the role he would have to play i.e. back up to Torres and in some games he can even start along side Torres. Henry is getting old but I believe he still has bags of quality and he could just be the kind of player we need upfront to take the burden off Torres.

All in all, I just can not see Torres going to Barcelona. Can you imagine him and Messi in the same team? What a thought!


4 responses to “Fernando Torres to Barcelona?”

  1. Ron says:

    Okay, we can put this one to bed for now. Torres has just come out and said he will not leave Liverpool.

  2. nor says:

    and now he came and said he will

  3. kkev says:

    Henry is going to ny red bulls for sure..he already signed the contract
    and torress may have been and atletico madrid boy but it seems torres fancies laporta thought of signing him in the past

  4. la liga fan says:

    torres is from atletico madrid which is not the same as real so contrary to what ppl seem to think he won’t have any problem joining barca its real madrid that he will never consider moving to as atletico are arch rivals of real (like utd and city).Also the prospect of playing alongside villa messi, xavi, iniesta and possibly fabregas would certainly be an irresistible incentive for torres. So the possiblity of this move happening isn’t as far fetched as it appears.