Date: 22nd January 2009 at 10:59am
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There is suggestion that Rafa will rest key players for this weekends F.A. Cup tie against Everton at Anfield. I am not too sure if this is a good idea. Yes, our priority is the league and then the Champions League but surely we can not take the F.A. Cup lightly especially since it is against Everton of all teams. We have to win not matter what against Everton. We can not afford to give them the bragging rights for the city until next season. Right now they are glowing after the draw on Monday night so we can not give them any further joy.

Premier League: Everton Draw At Liverpool

The most likely to miss out on Sunday would be Gerrard and Torres. I can understand that they need to be rested but without those two, I do not see us doing much. Yes, we beat Manchester United without both of them but we are not playing that well right now. If Torres is not playing that would mean Robbie Keane would come in and I hope he can use this opportunity to bang in some goals for us. He was largely disappointing on Monday night.

Alonso may also get a break and Mascherano will come in which is fine but that could also mean Lucas will start and I am still not his greatest fan! I do not mind seeing the likes of Babel and Yossi starting as they can offer us something going forward.

But at the end of the day, should Rafa field a ‘B’ team, especially since it is against Everton?


4 responses to “Is Rafa right to field a ‘B’ team against Everton in F.A. Cup?”

  1. sturon says:

    Noooooo ! no B team ! This is exactly what happened with Spurs ! They beat us in the league so we go there a week later and field a B team and get beat again instead of exacting revenge !!! If this happens again against Everton then the pain will be ten-fold ….
    We all want the Prem but there is no certainty we will get it so why sacrifice any other silverware ? This is the same point I made about the Carling cup …
    Our best players should all be playing in the second half of the season , tiring I know but hey … most of you are on 50 grand a week for 90 mins work !!! Hell , Id play every day for that ! lol

  2. JHoff says:

    YES HE IS RIGHT. do any of you care if we win the bloody FA Cup? NOOOOO, and in fact, I could care less about the Champions League. All i want is the Prem Title. I’m all for Rafa resting players so we field a rested bunch against Wigan.

  3. FOOL says:

    do you proof ur sht before u submit it ron?

    • Tonka says:

      Fool – if u ave no contrubition 2 mke two d topic udder dan a English lessin pease rafrain from posting.