Date: 15th January 2009 at 6:42pm
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I know this has nothing to do with Liverpool but it has been making the footballing headlines the whole week and if Kaka does move to Manchester City for £100m then in a way it is going to affect Liverpool. In the sense that, the whole transfer market of football players could potential ‘blow up’ with teams starting to demand crazy fees to sell their players. And it is reported that Kaka could earn in the region of £250 000 a week if he joins Manchester City. What would this mean for other players? Surely they would also start demanding crazy salaries.

I am not too concerned about the success Kaka may bring to Manchester City. I do not see Manchester City breaking into the top 4 within the next two seasons as Kaka is demanding. I can see where Kaka is coming from with his demands that Manchester City have to be playing in the Champions League in the next two seasons or else he will leave. Kaka deserves to be playing in the Champions League but going to City, he will not achieve this. No matter how many world class players City bring in, I feel Mark Hughes is not the right man to mold them into a world class team. Kaka is also demanding that Robhino not be sold, so I take it that Robhino is playing a critical part in Kaka potentially coming to City. Kaka is also demanding that the current owners of City remain in place during his time there. These demands are another thing worrying me; now we are going to see players think they are bigger than the team.

From an economic point of view, this £100m deal seems mind blowing. The whole world is virtually going through a tough economic period and now you will have an entity splashing out £100m – money that their own business did not generate. It does not make business sense for City to spend all this money for one player. If it were up to me, I would rather go out and get 5 £20m players with that money. If City had not made this crazy bid, they could probably have gotten away with buying the likes of David Villa, David Silva, Andre Pirlo etc. all for that £100m, but now if their bid for Kaka fails and they try to sign these other players, their prices would be inflated because the selling teams will know that City have cash to burn. But for AC Milan it would make great business sense to sell Kaka for £100m and I guess that is why they are considering the offer.

I have been thinking about it today, if the guys from Dubai had bought Liverpool and we would have also had all these millions to spend, would I be happy if we bid £100m for a player like Kaka? As I mentioned before, it would not make sense to me, rather lets go and get the Villa’s and Silva’s of this world. With where Liverpool are now, we really do not need a £100m player: we have two already in Stevie G and Torres. We just need another world class striker, a world class right winger and world class full backs and we done.


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  1. Tonka says:

    i dont really care what they do – all i know is that they are turning into a footballing circus. i dont think any manager envys Mark Hughes. These Araba are not living in the real world. it has already been proven that you can’t but a world class team over night. There is no foundations at Man City at all. It is only a matter of time before a top football club goes bust once these trophy hunting owners jump ship and leave with their tails between there legs..i am really starting to get on the side of the supporters and others calling for a ban on outside ownership etc etc, that includes us. The is no future in this apart from an elite league. How are Championship and lower clubs meant to survive?