Date: 3rd December 2008 at 12:09pm
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In my opionion things strted off very well after the signing of our new “winger”. He was provided plenty of width on the left hand side compared to Babel who was always cutting inside and never looked as if he was capable of beating a defender to get to the byline for a cross. Lately however we find Riera constantly inside and nowhere near where he was playing when he first signed. He is now constantly found, normally on his ass, closer to Gerrard than ever.

We all know that trying to constantly break defenses thru their heart is the most difficult unless you possess the close passing skills of some of the past Gunner squads. We do not have this luxury therefore we need width to create more room in midfield. Can we please get back to this ASAP before this 0-0 trend continues. Is this just me or has  anybody else noticed this as well?


3 responses to “What has happened to Riera ??”

  1. Ron says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better. I asked myself the same question on Monday night when he was taken off for Babel and thought that his form has dipped. I think he maybe getting tired now. He has started a lot of games now and maybe his fitness is not where it is meant to be. I can not think of another explanation for his drop in form. Maybe he should be given a break in December and Babel gets a couple of starts ahead of him.

    Another thing may simply just be the fact that the team as a whole is simply not playing well and thus Riera is struggling to.

  2. sturon says:

    I have to say its been very noticable with Riera.His straying seems to have started after he scored his first goal against Wigan back in October.I wonder if he has become a bit goal hungry or a glory hunter , Maybe its just an increase in confidence ? It seems as though players are constantly having to cover for him when he is out of position EG on a number of occasions against the Hammers when keane was seen on the left and Riera well inside waiting for the cross to come in ! Come on Rafa … have a word … you speak his language ! (o:

  3. Drew says:

    Oi, there is so much criticism going on and I agree with it all, but can we not forget that WE ARE ON TOP OF THE BLOODY PREMIERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!