Date: 28th November 2008 at 6:16am
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Fabio Aurelio is going to be out of action for two weeks after picking up a calf strain in his left leg against Marseille. Yet again, Aurelio is injured. That has been the story of his Liverpool career. Whenever the Brazilian is getting into some bit of good form, he picks up an injury. I believe if Fabio had a full season with no injuries, he could easily become one of the best left backs in Europe. So now that we will be without our first choice left back for 2 weeks, that means Dossena is going to have to step in!

I am not the biggest fan of Dossena at all! Infact, I have not seen a single moment since we signed him that has impressed me. When he was signed he was said to be the best left back in Serie A. Well if that is the best then I am scared to see the guy they call the worst left back in Serie A! Maybe I am being a bit too harsh on Dossena. Maybe it is just first season jitters; new country, new league, new culture, new team etc. But atleast if he had showed us glimpses of potential then we may be happy but all I have seen from him is error after error.

More recently on Wednesday night against Marseille: I got so scared whenever a defender attacked him as I felt he would easily be beaten. For me Dossena was more of a liability on the field than an asset, thus the reason I would want to see anyone else but Dossena fill in for Aurelio. That basically only leaves Insua as the only alternative. I feel this just maybe the time Rafa gives the young Argentine a break and see what he can do. I have seen glimpses of brilliance from Insua when he plays for the reserves. The Premiership may be a huge step up for him but Rafa just has to back him as he has backed Dossena this season and he has not delivered.

An outrageous alternative would be to place Carragher at left back and Sami comes in at centre back to partner Agger OR Arbeloa at left back, Carragher at right back, Agger and Sami in the middle, but that would be too much reshuffling. I do not think my wishes will be answered as I simply see Rafa sticking to Dossena. I just hope Dossena can prove me wrong!


One response to “Anyone but Dossena please”

  1. Tonka says:

    Tough luck – once again on top of losing Torres we now have to play a defender that makes Titus Bramble look like Paulo Maldini. However scouted out this guy and talked Rafa into buying should be chased from the club.

    Scouts should know by now that Italian defenders cannot hack it in the premiership. I am pushing my luck here maybe but can anyone name an Italian defender who has came nad made it in the EPL, cause I can’t really. They cannot adjust to the quicker pace of the english game. We never really in my opinion replaced John Arne on that side.

    Our team lacks quality on both sides on defense. When I see Bosingwa and Evra and the Arsenal fullbacks making important contributions to their teams goals and wins I am always wondering “why do we not haver players like that”.

    I def think that these position need filled ASAP. Two new quality fullbacks and another striker (midfield is more tan covered) and i feel we have the formula for one hell of a squad.