Date: 24th November 2008 at 2:13pm
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After Liverpool fired another blank at home to Fulham on Saturday, I think it is time we get another attacking option which could get us the goals when Torres is having an off day. And one name that makes perfect sense and would fit the bill is Thierry Henry. I know this may sound like Fantasy Football stuff but can you imagine how deadly a combination of Gerrard, Henry and Torres could be?

Okay, I will admit that I thought that the Keane – Torres partnership would be the best in the Premiership but I have been disappointed that far. Yes they may need some more time to gel but we really do not have much time left as we need to find goals and find them soon. Who knows, maybe an Henry – Torres combination may be worse than the current Keane – Torres but I believe Henry is a world class player and still is, and would be a great asset for us. It is his speed and fire power which we may just need come the second half of the season to fire us to title glory.

Henry let us know what he thinks about Gerrard and he has said that he would love to play alongside our captain. I believe that if Henry is offered an opportunity to play for us he would not turn it down. It may be difficult to prize him away from Barcelona but anything is possible in football today.

I would not only like to see Henry at Anfield just to partner Torres upfront and score bag full of goals for us but I believe he will show Ryan Babel a lot. Babel reminds me of Henry when he just came into the Premiership. Both played out on the left and later Henry turned into an out and out striker and I believe Babel has the potential to follow into Henry’s boots. And what better a way for Babel than to learn from the best day in and day out at Melwood.


2 responses to “Thierry Henry should come to Liverpool”

  1. Drew Cole says:

    Dude, we haven’t even reached the halfway mark in the EPL. You cannot count out Keane yet. I don’t understand why people keep putting him on the chopping block. He is doing fine and IMO it is way too early to judge him as a failure or success.

  2. Tonka says:

    I can see where you are coming from Drew but I can also see Ron’s argument as well. I personally like Robbie Keane and believe he will come good but the fact remains – if Torres gets injured (and he limped off with his hamstring last night) Liverpool are not much of a threat up front. Robbie cannot lead the line in his own, he needs a partner. At this time we do not have anybody. Ok everybody points to the fact that Babel and Kuyt are strikers but Babel has hardly filled me full of confidence so that leaves us Kuyt. If Kuyt plays we lose the width that we have had on the left which could force Rafa to push Gerrard out there which would be a disaster as he goes missing or else just comes inside anyhow. So we do need another striker – is Henry the right man? I haven’t seen enough of him since he left the Gunners to answer that and I wouldn’t sign him unless he is in form not just because of who he is and his wish to come.