Date: 13th November 2008 at 7:43am
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What a disaster! I do not think I have seen Liverpool play so badly as they did in the first 45 minutes of yesterdays Carling Cup game against Tottenham. We looked lost and seemed to forget that one has to defend when playing the game. Well it would have helped if we had forgotten how to defend but remembered how to attack but even the definition of attacking was not evident in the first half. I do not think we actually tested the Spurs keeper in the first 45 minutes and this is probably the worst keeper in the Premiership!

It was no surprise to see Rafa make 10 changes to the team that beat West Brom as he gave the fringe players a run. After all, no one really takes the Carling Cup seriously and the bigger teams use it as a chance to blood the youngsters, but on yesterdays showing, our ‘youngsters’ did not seem to be that great. I know you can not judge players from one game but there really was not much to show for last night. I am not going to sit here and criticise every player individually but the whole team just did not play well and Rafa has been quick to say that after the game.

We were down 3-0 at the break and even though we are well known for coming back from the dead, I just looked at the players we had on the field and I honestly did not think they were capable of pulling back from such a score. Even when Plessis scored early in the second half to make it 3-1, I did not even move out of my seat. The next goal in the game was going to be critical but unfortunately Spurs got it and we were dead an buried at 4-1. Sami did manage to pull one back to make it 4-2 but that was it.

We should just forget about this game. There were virtually no positives to take out of it besides the fact that Torres got a run out in an aid to boost his fitness. We now just have to look forward to Bolton on Saturday.


3 responses to “Tottenham 4 – Liverpool 2”

  1. Tonka says:

    Ron, I wouldn’t get upset about last nights reserve match. i actually thought that getting beat 4-2 was not a bad result based upon the team that was put out to play. It was obvious that Rafa didn’t care if we were put out and I think most of the fan base don’t care either. I think we are chasing bigger fish this season and risking our best players in a mickey mouse cup would have been silly. The Carling Cup really needs sorting out. It’s not treated with any respect anymore – it only exists for the teams who have no chance of winning the league in order to give their fans something to cheer about and a day out for the final if they get there. This can be clearly seen by the teams that were put out by the top four. ManU scrape through with a penalty against QPR, Chelsea beaten at home by Burnley, Liverpool seconds put out against a virtually full strength Spurs for a Torres fitness session and an Arsenal under19 side fielded against Wigan. It’s a bit of a joke really.

  2. Tom - Aus says:

    Worded brilliantly Tonka, and if The Carling Cup is the cost of getting Torres’ fitness back then I think ‘Carling’ came out second best.

  3. sturon says:

    It probably would have been more palitable if we hadn’t already been turned over by spurs 11 days previous and I personally would have prefered a half fringe/ half first team squad to at least given some payback for the daylight robbery they performed on ‘that’ saturday !
    Having won the league cup more than any other team , are we prepared to lose that record too , Hmmm ….
    Silverware is silverware and can make the difference between a double and or treble winning season …
    Does anyone remember when the league cup became the ‘couldnt care less ‘ cup ? Was it when it started being sponsored rather than run by the FA ? I guess when it changed its name to ‘the Milk cup’ … it all started to go sour …